This New York Times piece by Lisa Selin Davis is for us. It’s so true that we have reached puberty as we move into middle age and there’s so much to deal with, stuff our mom’s never told us. We have been writing about menopause  for years on BA50, but clearly, the conversation with our Doctor is the best place to get info on the menopause runway of what’s to come.

“If only, on your 45th birthday, a doctor would sit you down, look you squarely in the eyes and say, “Here’s what’s going to happen: Eventually, your pubic hair is going to thin out everywhere but on the bikini line, exactly the opposite of what you’ve always wanted. The fat on your body will redistribute so that each of your thighs is the shape of Grimace, the McDonald’s blob monster. You will develop those wings of loose skin below your arms. You just will, no matter what you do. Also: Everything about your periods will change. They may become shorter, more frequent, more painful. And they’ll just get weirder until they desist.”

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