I never wanted to put needles into my face on purpose.

You may have heard of micro needling but I was too afraid to try that, and I think that was a good decision. I found something even better (for me) to help my tired skin that wasn’t bloody or painful or distorting.

Please excuse my ruddy, post facial look as I share this video of a procedure called Microchanneling that I did for the second time. I really love the results and can see them right away. Click here to see how procedure works.

After 50,  I just don’t need to tell you how hard it is to keep our skin looking fresh and healthy and plump. I got turned onto this microchanneling procedure by my friend who looked so good I just had to ask.

Please watch and listen as Elizabeth, owner of Elizabeth Renee in Wellesley, MA describes the science behind this procedure.

By the way, none of these procedures are “cheap” but definitely ask about a multi-visit package. Mention BA50 when you call for an appointment and get $50 off your first procedure. (You have to call: (781) 237-7546)


(PS, This is not a sponsored post, just doing what BA50s do….share).



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