It must have been divine intervention that placed my lost “forever” wedding band back in my hands almost 3 years later. I had frankly given up and had talked about replacing it, but it was so not about another ring.  The story was in that band.  But then there was a divine intervention.

I had torn our hotel room apart the morning before my son’s wedding in search of the band.  Pressing my fingers hard into the crevices of my suitcase and turning my jean pockets inside out, then crawling on hands and knees peering under the bed, I collapsed into a child’s pose and paused in surrender. 

“Maybe I could visualize its’ whereabouts if I quieted down a bit?”

Sitting on the edge of the hotel room bed upright, feet flat on floor, I closed my eyes, slowed my breath and tried a wedding band visualization exercise that would surely reveal its’ location. My brain replayed the days leading up to my son’s wedding. I had brought the band with me, I was sure of it. But did I? Why wouldn’t I have done that?

Wedding bands had been the hot topic in the frenzy of my 2 boys exciting engagements. Sweet tears from the heart rolled down my cheeks when they asked if I would give them their dad’s wedding band. They had decided to melt it down and add it to their own bands so they could carry him with them on their life’s journey. I’m sure somewhere from the beyond, he knew. Perhaps when the red tail hawk flapped his mighty wings it was his way to show gratitude. 

I found those old wedding bands and rings and put them on a chain and brought them to the boys. I was wearing my wedding band from Bill at that time, my simple and timeless forever gold band so I thought. But was I?

There I was on the day of my first son’s wedding wondering where my band was and no amount of slow breathing and inner searching would reveal it. I felt sick that it was gone yet still tried to look for it over the next few years. 

And then something strange happened almost 3 years later. The first morning that Bill and I put our condo on the market in Boston in an attempt to simplify our lives, I woke next to him in our new home base furnished with a brand new bed and mattress that would symbolize a fresh start. We talked about our new beginnings and our attempt to un-complicate our lives. We both felt lighter. Well, at least I did.

And as I stepped into the bathroom in our home I noticed a bowl on the shelf next to the folded towels.  It was pretty hand made glass bowl full of hair ties. And there lay a shiny gold wedding band perched on the bed of black elastic hair ties. 

“Bill, look, look what I found.” I raced over to his side holding the ring out proudly. Bill has X-ray vision when he takes his glasses off so I asked him excitedly,

“Is there an inscription on this ring? There is? Can you read it to me?,” my heart was racing.

“You are my forever.” It sounded like a set up but it wasn’t. He looked up and smiled. 

My eyes filled with soft tears from the heart and I hugged him deeply.

“I don’t understand how this ring has been sitting there for almost 3 years and now, of all days, of all mornings, it has revealed itself. There is meaning in this. It’s a miracle. It’s truly a sign. We have begun a new phase once again together. And this ring signifies hope for more love and happiness as we move forward together. “

He smiled knowingly.


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