I love my Mini Cooper Convertible even though there’s some things that don’t make sense at all. There are the obvious limitations like, it’s small which can make you feel vulnerable when a big truck roars past you.. Also, I do spend time in the northeast and convertibles aren’t so great during the polar vortex. And, you can’t easily take your friend and 2 sets of golf clubs without putting the top down to put them in (but once in, they fit nicely).

It’s true, you can’t easily take 3 friends plus their luggage when you are wanting to drop your friend at the airport (but hey, isn’t that what Ubers are for).

So one may wonder why a sociable, on the go, 3 activity a day BA50 may have opted for a Mini Cooper convertible. Here’s why:

  1. Bad Ass Car: I never could relate to cars. I always thought of them as utilitarian. But not this one. This car is the first one I’ve bought that is a reflection of how I see myself: a tad rebellious, not ostentatious, slightly impractical with a heavy emphasis on playful and fun. It feels like it’s from Paris (which it’s not but it’s feels that way anyway and it’s a place I love). This car has a sense of humor.
  2. Zippyness: I don’t like to drive fast but I like to leave the gate with purpose. I have driven SUVs and Vans since I became a Mom. Those cars are heavy yet useful I admit. They are safe and sturdy it’s true, but they have no zip. Big cars make me feel like a pack mule. This mini makes me feel light like a sprinter.
  3. Environment:  My little Mini is highly efficient with gas and I’m not a climate clogger. (just made up “climate clogger” — is that a term?)
  4. Selfishness: I actually don’t care if I can’t transport a group of people. It feels good to have boundaries that I don’t have to negotiate. You either fit or you don’t.
  5. Love a Challenge: For some reason it’s really fun to try to fit more than what looks possible in my little Mini. It’s as satisfying as figuring out a Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle clue. The other day my friend and I did a huge grocery shop which we loaded on top of our 2 sets of golf clubs. SUCCESS!
  6. Sexy:  I feel my womanhood in this car. That’s odd i know, plenty of men like Mini Coopers too. Whatever! I love driving with the top down it feels racey and risky. I don’t care about my hair being out of place because it’s almost always untamed anyway. And….Grace Kelly’s hair had a little messiness and it looked damn good. This is an image that comes to mind. when I’m cruising along on a nice day.
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