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Do you like this pair or that pair?

Sometimes it’s just so hard to make a fashion decision without a little feedback. As one of 4 girls, my sisters and I have always noticed and commented about each other’s fashions choices.Often I ask the sales people, a random nearby shopper or, when desperate, I face time a friend.

Just recently, I decided to put the question on the BA50 instagram and facebook pages and the comments have been really fun to read.

Here was my in store post where I asked our social media followers…

I went to Warby Parker because my one pair of sunglasses were impossibly scratched and the other pair couldn’t be found,  I needed to make a quick decision on a pair for my next day’s trip to Mexico.

I headed over to the most adorable Warby Parker store that was housed in an old Pharmacy looking space on Lexington and 82nd.

Narrowing my selection down to 2 pairs, I asked the adorable salesperson AND then another 2 shoppers, “Which ones do you like better?” They liked both of them which was sweet but not going to help me much. So, I posted a video on our BA50 instagram and the feedback was immediate

All, I can say is, I love you readers!  Over 5k views on FB and 3K on instagram and so many great  comments both funny and some dismissive.  I loved reading everyone of them and I think at the end of the day, either pair of glasses would have been just fine but I bought the aviators (thanks to you all).

This was such a fun experience I wanted to give you the opportunity to let us weigh in on your fashion decision.

How about you step into your closet and send us 2 photos of your EITHER/ OR fashion option (make sure to show a photo of yourself in both options) and email the photos to editor@bettterafter50.com and we can share  them with our readers and you will get lots of feedback.

Cant wait to see what your choosng between.

All the best,

Felice Shapiro



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