great commercialsLast week was one of those weeks where everything seemed out of whack.  Ever have one of those weeks?  Mercury was actually in Retrograde, my karma was out of kilter, my ying was yanking my yang.

The friend I was supposed to meet for lunch simply forgot to meet me.  The appliance that had been “old reliable” for 25 years, decided to call it quits. My email was on the fritz. I wanted to start Season 2 of Orange is the New Black, but I couldn’t figure out how to work the remote… Uggh! My jeans felt tight; my stomach was distended from lack of shipping (you’ll get this one later); the gel polish fell off my middle finger.  I know, I know, first world problems.  But I’m asking for a little forgiveness this week, especially if you don’t love potty humor as much as I do.

Mid-week, on the morning of our 30th anniversary, Mike headed out for an early morning flight from Boston to Chicago for a business meeting. “Uh oh,” I thought, “this can’t be good.” But he assured me he would be home early for our very special anniversary dinner. He kissed me goodbye the evening before (thinking I actually might be sleeping at 5AM) and said he was looking forward to a wonderful night out.  He had made a reservation at the restaurant in the hotel where we had spent our honeymoon night. Romantic, right?

But, early in the evening, as I finished up the last touches on my makeup (looking fabulous other than that one fingernail), I was not altogether surprised to get a text from Mike informing me:

a. that his plane back to Boston had run into some thunderstorms, circled for a half hour, ran low on fuel, then got diverted to Hartford;

b. that he had only 2% battery left on his cell phone; and

c. that he was so very, very sorry.

I found myself all dressed up with nowhere to go, calling the restaurant every hour or so to let them know that we would be yet another hour late.  I tried really hard not to be a baby, but I was fighting back tears.  I needed distraction, something to make me smile.

And I found it.  What is it about potty humor that still make me laugh?  Sitting on the couch, with my laptop atop my fancy pants, I passed two hours laughing and smiling, instead of crying.  This is what did it:

From funny commercials to home made videos to spoofs, you tube saved me. The Ship My Pants video was my favorite, but here are a few more that made me smile.





I also came across this one from many years ago, and no, it’s not a real commercial, but it’s one of my favorite spoof commercials of all time, and I still laugh hysterically when I watch it.

And while I was at it, I found this– not a commercial, but pretty funny, and I swear one of these goats screaming like humans sounds like me yelling at Mike…

When I finally got to the restaurant, I quickly realized that we had made a bit of a mistake with the reservation.  The very elegant dining room we thought we were going to had actually turned into a Cougar bar a few years back.  Who knew?  And in keeping with the week, as I sat at the bar, no one even approached me.

So, If you know someone who is having a bad week, send this post over. Let them know they are not alone.  It just may make them smile, or perhaps they will laugh so hard they will ship their pants.

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