“That’s the girl that I am going to Marry” You told the Hostess when I entered your Restaurant.

We hadn’t met yet, and I was working through a failing relationship.

Despite this you persevered, doing the worm on the dance floor, napping in your truck so that you could see me, one more time.

“This one is a keeper” Mom said about you.

I laughed as I wasn’t sure, but you were becoming comfortable to me.

Until you crashed my ride into a Cable Car, so San Francisco. I had scrimped and saved; it wasn’t just stuff to me.

But you made that car better than right, even painting it my favorite color.

Hmm, I thought. Might Mom be right?

I declined your proposal, not ready to give my heart. But I kept the ring in case I changed my mind.

My decision firmed up by our eldest, and you and I walked countless laps at the Hospital while I tried to progress my labor.

You beamed as you brought her to meet everyone, so Proud.

Soon we were back at the Hospital, welcoming our second little girl. You smiled as she pulled the hair that you grew because I wanted you to. So Proud.

Both girls would nap in your arms so I could have a few minutes, just to myself.

Before we knew it, our Son was born, and our hearts filled again with love. You were so Proud, our family now complete.

You came home from the Restaurant in time to change his diaper, I would nurse him, then you would change him once again before joining me in sleep.

That was nice. That was love.

School days were busy with homework, Parent hours and sports. You were the best Field Trip Dad, and Coach, and committee co-chair for every event.

You left your job so that I could succeed in mine, and the Kids’ School hired you, because you volunteered so much.

It wasn’t all lovely, there were mistakes made by both of us, hurtful and awful.

Despite this you persevered, for our Family and for us.

And during this time, you said the nicest thing ever. I was feeling unlovable and fat and you overheard me complaining.

“It’s YOU I love, no matter what your body is. Just YOU”. You said.

That was nice. That was true love.

I tried harder to be a better Partner.

Soon the Kids were off to College.

And then it was just us. in the house. Traveling to the Kids Plays and Games.

We buried our Moms the same year, wistful for those visits that didn’t happen.

It was often just me at the Games, as your Dad and Sister needed help. It was uniquely unpleasant.

But you persevered, a Wonderful Son, and Brother. We agreed to let your Sister wander and brought your Dad close as he floundered.

Eighteen months with hardly a break, I held your hand and supported your heartache.

Our Dads saw our eldest Married, a wonderful celebration of love. So Proud and beaming as you first saw her in her dress.

We made sure that your Dad was surrounded by his family, just as he wished, when expectedly, he passed.

That was nice. That was love.

Our Honeymoon was celebrated at year thirty. It needed to be just us, with a little fancy. I was surprised with the love I discovered.

You helped me with Dad as he sickened and recovered and held the secrets that he would only tell you.

And just as Daughter two was to be married, a Global Pandemic brought the celebration, and the World, to a halt.

Shocked, surprised, we worked and stared at each other in panic.

Laughing as we realized one of us was too loud to be in the same room with the other.

The months passed amicably, we’ve yet to tire of one another. Most days.

You persevered in your ongoing dream of a pup. I agreed that it was time.

And as our offices permanently closed, we flew COVID-Style and welcomed our Hamilton.

His puppy antics keep us laughing, keep us walking, and occupied as we wait for the vaccine.

We are the 273,920,125th and 273,920,126th people in line. I am okay with this.

Because You are nice, and I am in Love.

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