I’m incredibly inspired and thrilled to have met Doni Belau founder of Women’s Guide to Paris and Beyond and creator of  The Women’s Travel Wisdom Retreat   Doni’s passion and mission is about women and community and she has been in the women’s travel business since 2009, with over 40 trips for women all over the world.

This October I am excited to be joining an incredible roster of speakers and will be leading a Journey Writing Workshop For Healing and Creative Expression. I am hoping some of you can come.

Please click below to meet Doni and learn about her incredible work. My favorite line in this interview is at the closing. Doni truly walks the walk which is that we must heal ourselves in order to heal the world. This is going to be one heck of an inspirational retreat.

Hope to see you there.

Check out the link to the Retreat and sign up soon — the retreat is limited to 100 people.  If you come please enter code #felice.


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Here’s Doni’s Answer to:

“What does it take for you to get inspired?”

“I can be inspired by a walk in nature, by a beautiful flower, by a connection with someone new and interesting, by a piece of art, or by a moment alone with myself. Negative news & events can also inspire me towards action.

We created Women’s Travel Wisdom to roll all those kinds of moments into a blockbuster week of inspiration brought to you by women who specialize in it. We have 15 rockstar speakers and workshop leaders coming to California this October just to motivate you!

Have you ever had that feeling of lift-off while in a group of powerful, fascinating and conscious women? I have experienced this multiple times and I wanted to bring this feeling of empowerment to you. A meaningful, connective, action-oriented group experience where everyone is rooting for one another can be transformative.


I invite you to sign up for this blockbuster week of inspiration and connection here. Use code #GG200 to get $200 off from now until 6/15 and don’t forget to add #felice. 

Email info@womenstravelwisdom.com for more info or if you plan to come with a friend or family member and want to room together or near one another. Two ladies booking at once are entitled to a $250 discount per person, just email us to grab your spot.

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