JazzThe snowfall was higher than my 9” tall dog Jazz. When we looked out the back window and saw that there was yet another 12 inches of snow on top of the 8-inch base we both felt defeated. This new light fluff was lovely but not for my short legged pup Jazz.  Her morning constitution was yet again disrupted by weather and that wasn’t the worst of it.  When I took her out to the street – she was shocked and pained by the salted sidewalk – gravely wet dirt and muddy winter melted mess on the “cleared” area.

Winter was miserable for Jazz and it took a toll on her hair.  Like most women – how Jazz’s hair looks matters.  You see her hair is her calling card.  Jazz gets invited onto friends’ couches, she’s welcomed on sleepovers and is the favorite pup of even my non-dog lovin friends because – I hate to be so superficial –but…..when she looks good she’s way more welcomed in.

Jazz does not have fur – she has hair and and that’s what makes it so temperamental.  Yes, she has a lovely personality, and her breath is not offensive, her eyes don’t have goobers and her nails are never too sharp – but that’s not enough.  Not even her ability to hear and respond to every command gets her couch status. She has an exceptionally high EQ, her Emotional Intelligence rating is off the charts.  But truly, it’s her hair that gets her the most attention.

The snow dried in dirty clumps all winter on her normally unshaved legs. No matter how many baths I gave her, she looked dirty. Even after a good grooming – within hours – she was disheveled.  One evening at a book club gathering – my normally welcoming friends did not summon her onto their laps. She was sad – I could tell. “Get down” was most of what she heard. Not the normal “You are the cutest – you are my favorite pup”

The winter was tough on Jazz and what it came down to – was partially the weather – but mostly because the miserable dampness and snowfall took it’s toll on her hair.

Jazz is a perfect blond – one that Clairol has tried to imitate with their “Clairol #5 Medium Natural Blonde” Many a woman has snapped a photo of her for their colorist to mimic.

Jazz’s hair when perfectly blown – not poofed but “piecey” and soft, sans frizz – gives her face a shape that is irresistibly kissable. Her trims are best as a puppy cut despite her 9 years, because any variation makes her look too snouty and pointy. When the groomer gets in too close to her nose and doesn’t leave enough around her chin – why she looks and frankly acts a bit snarly and older.  Softness around the mouth brings her smile on and attracts more attention and welcome patting from strangers.

Jazz looks younger with the right haircut. She looks friendlier and more approachable with a good facial trim.  Jazz looks like a natural girl – and is more easily accepted by big dog lovers when her hair is naturally shaggy and not poofed like those foo foo poodles.

Jazz goes on 3 to 5 mile runs with me a couple times a week but seems to prefer walking now that she’s hit her later 50’s (9 years old).  Her figure is still lovely and too much mid body poof can add an extra few pounds to her look. Too much shaving renders her – dare I say – rodent like.

Hey, it’s a dance this hair thing. Don’t we know it ladies.

If ever I could relate to my pup it’s truly about our hair. Next week we’re getting our summer trims.  Can you relate?


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