In the modern era, the mental health, psychological state, and emotional maintenance of men has never been more topical. For decades this was something of a taboo topic in society – buried under the carpet and repressed – but in the twenty-first century, more space is being made for men to look at themselves, share their issues, and find new paths to self-improvement that simply didn’t exist before.

In this short guide, you’ll learn how to use insights like these to boost your confidence, learning to value and respect yourself each and every day.


There’s no better gauge of your respect for yourself than the people you chose to hang out with. Whether we’re talking about romantic relationships or those with friends and family, the name of the game here is healthy, nourishing and friendly relationships – ones that function well and are mutually supportive. If your relationships are like this, then you’re valuing yourself by surrounding yourself with like-minded and kind people.

Meanwhile, if you’re harboring negative influences in your life in the form of disruptive and draining friends, family or even a romantic partner, then it may be time for you to make adjustments in your life in order to find people to hang out with who do your self-esteem and confidence more good. Negative influences in one’s life should be cut out as quickly as possible – and if they’re not, they show a disrespect to yourself that can have ramifications for the rest of your life.

The Workplace

Another huge part of life is your job and the way you work. If you’re exploited, unhappy, treated poorly, overlooked for promotions, or feeling bad at work, then you will be showing yourself to be disrespectful towards your person. In the workplace, you need to value yourself to the extent that you know what you can achieve for your employers, and you’re excited to deliver to them every time you arrive at work.

If you’re not feeling so positive at work, this situation will quickly bleed into the rest of your life. You’ll feel unfulfilled in the workplace, and that’ll follow you home. You’ll complain to friends and family, and you’ll be left unsure whether you ought to leave your job and find a new one, or sit it out and hope things improve. Ultimately, you need to take control of your circumstances, be assertive, and show yourself the respect you deserve in the workplace.

In Disputes

Whether you’re going through a legal dispute or something outside of the courts, being sure of your point of view and your state of mind is an excellent way to value yourself and show yourself the respect that you deserve. If you do happen to be going through a legal challenge of some sort, getting the best representation – like that offered at – can help you win a case or an argument that you feel you should win.

Meanwhile, for the more mundane disagreements that life has to offer, it’s up to you how you form a social strategy to come out of disagreements and arguments with something that you want. Often, men tend to be too aggressive in arguments, and this ultimately means that they’re unable to negotiate. As such, that should be your focus: calm, measured negotiation in order to get your way and feel respected by others for doing so.

Diet and Exercise

If you take yourself seriously as a person who deserves respect and places value in themselves and their life choices, you ought to be someone who treats their body well, too. Generally speaking, it can feel a little difficult to set up a diet and exercise regime: after all, it’s hours and days of your time gobbled up by a new set of standards for yourself.

But following this path, and ensuring that you’re keeping yourself fit and healthy, is an absolute must for those who’re looking to treat themselves with more respect. There are so many health benefits from being fit: from a lack of fatigue to an excellent self-esteem, you’ll feel in yourself a higher value blossoming over time.

Kindness and Generosity

The finest quality of human beings is the capability to be kind and gentle. If you’re able to find these qualities within yourself over the course of your maturation into an adult, then you’ll be showing yourself to be a valuable and respectable human – someone that others will admire and respect.

As such, this is your loftiest goal, and your deepest ambition. This should be your overall aim in life – to find methods by which you can show and share your good will to all men and women, and to reap the respect that others provide you with in order t build your own positive vision of yourself.

These tips are all designed to help you, the modern man, find respect, dignity and value in yourself in the new year.

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