We just completed the first in a series of Fashion Workshops last night and I felt compelled to share the ‘first steps’ with all of you in light of the recent spike in temps. (Global warming is fake news? Give me a break – get a grip!)

We fashionista’s are always anxious to embrace the new seasons – what’s better than a seasonal wardrobe swap where even the old stuff once reintroduced, looks new again.


That is not necessarily true, which brings us to the beginning of the seasonal swap. You MUST assess your spring/summer inventory now while it is front and center, top of mind. Do not, I repeat, do not just haul all your summer stuff to the off-season closet without doing your due diligence!

Let’s be honest with yourself – start with a few yes or no questions:

Were there not summer items you hauled out last April that never made it onto your body?
Were there summer items that made the cut but now that you see photos, never should have?
Were there past years trends that you realized obviously were not trending anymore?
Were there items that ended on the morning discard pile, then magically reappeared in your closet?

Let’s begin…

  1. Assess the passing season’s inventory
    1. One category at a time
    2. Fit, flatter, function
  2. Make the decisions
    1. Keep or donate
    2. Keeping? Then prepare for storage
      1. Clean, tailor, repair
      2. Decide location / type of storage / swap hangers
    3. Now assess the current closet inventory – that would be what’s left
      1. One category at a time
      2. Fit, flatter, function
      3. Clean, tailor, repair, swap hangers
    4. Bring in the new season’s inventory one category at a time
    5. Perform the fit, flatter, function, clean, tailor, repair, hanger change
    6. Hang in your closet in an intuitive, organized way
    7. Once visible, take mental stock by category
      1. Email me for the 20 Essentials List Doreen@DoreenDove.com
    8. Create a precise shopping list
    9. Shop online first to see what the big picture options are
      1. Drill down specifically within each category
      2. Price shop, use coupons, search for free shipping
      3. Order 2 sizes – or use in-store hold options
    10. Make sure you love it, you want to see it in your closet for several seasons – it fits, flatters, will function and makes you feel pretty!

Now head out and look fabulous while toting your pumpkin latte!

Need more help? Grab a copy of my book, Confidence Is Always In Style, where I will walk you through your own DIY closet edit and help you assess your wardrobe by category! Be sure to use the coupon code BA50  to reduce the price by 50%! Now that’s trending!


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