Leggings play an undeniably crucial role in modern day fashion. Not only are they remarkably versatile and a closet essential, but they can also be paired and styled with almost all of your favorite fashionable pieces for any occasion. Lets face it, leggings are the new basic white t-shirt that every woman must own. Here are just a few ways that you can incorporate them into your everyday style.

Leather leggings are your new best friend this season. Every It girl knows that owning a pair of these will grant you the most comfort while still looking fierce and ready for a fun night out. Pair them with your favorite flirty top and a denim jacket, and you will be stepping out of the house with a chic and confident look.

In the upcoming colder seasons, plaid leggings are a fun and unique way to give a little edge to your outfit. Throw on a basic tee and you can spend your day out setting the bar a little higher on making leggings an everyday occasion.

Good news ladies! High-waisted leggings are here to stay! Essentially they have been crowned as the new skinny jean as they are the perfect pant to give you a form-flattering shape. Whether you are out and about or lounging at home, they offer an elongating silhouette that compliments any figure.

Moto leggings are officially a must have! Throwing on these trendy leggings is an effortless way to make a standard everyday outfit stand out! To truly amplify the jet set look, throw on a black leather jacket with these leggings to still look sexy and sporty when you find yourself constantly on the move.

For all the gym rats out there, I have a little secret for you. Mesh leggings are quintessential for enhancing your fit physique while still allowing you to move and work out to your fullest potential. While sculpting your best features, they allow you to move and sweat freely. And lets not forget how adorable you’ll look hitting the gym.

Who said that florals were only for the spring? These leggings are a flawlessly fashionable way to brighten up any chilly autumn day. Highlight your youthfulness and excitement for your daily activities by throwing on a pair of these adorable print leggings.


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