Say WHAT? You’re 50 and you don’t know how to…FOLD A FITTED SHEET?

Of course, I know you have been folding your fitted sheets for years, but do your fitted sheets come out like this?


I would wager they do not.

Perhaps you have been folding your sheets for years thinking, “there has just got to be a better way to do this.” I know I have.  And yes, I’ve had bigger things to worry about in my life (especially recently) but that is what makes this whole business so utterly satisfying. It is anti-chaos.

The need to straighten erupted when my sister-in-law stayed overnight at my home, washed my sheets, folded them, and left them on my bed so neat it was like they had just come out of the package, I called her up.

“You’ve got to teach me how to fold sheets like that. It’s amazing.”

“Of course!” she responded.  “It’s easy, and it’s so much fun!”

Easy? If it’s easy, why doesn’t everyone do it?  And fun? Is this how they have fun in Brazil? But I figured it wasn’t rocket science and I am not such an old dog.

My wonderful and quite patient sister-in-law gave me a half hour lesson in folding a fitted sheet. And I must confess, once you get the technique down, it is easy, and I admit– it’s a little fun. There is a joy in creating order.

They say that the best way to actually learn something yourself is to teach someone else.  Once you are able to teach someone else a skill, you’ve got it down. So, still a neophyte, I decided to teach my 25 year old son a life lesson.  He was, as you can see from the video, “thrilled,” especially happy to learn that this was going on line.

Watch and learn.  And then practice about 30 times…you’ll get it!

This article is the first in a series of “Say WHAT? You’re 50 and you still don’t know how to…?”

What life skill would you like to learn? If we don’t know (and we probably won’t) we can certainly find out!  Let us know!

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