ScarfwomanDid you ever have a day when you felt like you looked pretty damn good, but had no clue why?

That happened to me today – a rare event I must admit. I found myself checking my reflection in the rear view mirror a few times, wondering out loud if it was because of the lack of light while driving through the tunnel or maybe the mirror was dirty giving me that ever so flattering Angela Lansbury soft lens look. Seriously, you don’t know that trick? Watch some Murder She Wrote reruns and see how everybody looked crisp and clear, but then her scenes had a lovely soft edge to them.

Long story short – one of the peeks in my mirror revealed a tad sliver of my scarf and bingo, mystery solved. My scarf was shades of blue – not the usual shades of black and that blue played my baby blues, brightened my face, lifted my spirits and put a spring in my step the whole day long!

mirrorimageSo why are we so dictated by the winter dreary drab inventory in the stores? Just because that-is-what-is-there doesn’t mean that-is-what-we-wear! Let’s do a deep dive into the colorful possibilities that are already living within your four walls – specifically your scarf drawer! We all have them, large quantities of them – silks, woolies, plaids, florals, oblongs, squares and gigundas.

Women seem to accumulate epic scarf inventories over time, drawers burst, hatboxes overflow, pegs have multiple layers and then of course there are the endless stacks of plastic bins. More often than not you couldn’t possibly rotate once through your scarves in a calendar year.

Here is how it usually plays out. It’s cold; you decide it’s a scarf day. It’s winter, so now everyday is a scarf day. But here’s the newsflash. You are choosing and repeating the same woolly, heavy, fringy, brown, black and gray, probably infinity scarves over and over and over again the next week.

What’s a better choice? Dig deeper Debbie! On the bottom of those drawers are all the beautiful colored silks with their original fold lines! What are you saving those for! Those babies are the connectors, the breath of life for your neutral zone wardrobe.

Here is a sampling of what you would probably choose before reading today’s post.


And here is a sampling of what you must choose tomorrow! Color it up, live it up and be sure to catch a glimpse of your fabulousness in the rearview mirror!


Postscript: While watching a segment on the ABC World News with David Muir about the pros and cons of choosing your next car, the last bit of consumer advice was well, spot-on color wise! The experts recommend buying a car in an unusual or bright color because they are cheaper and they hold their value longer! Cha-ching!

Here’s to rockin’ that red suburban or that orange mini van!
Don’t you feel better already?

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