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Julianne Hough’s “I Just Had Sex” Hair

The other day I received a couple of compliments about my hair and I had no idea what I’d done differently.

Frankly, it’s a rare occurrence when my hair looks good. The truth is – I wake up to bedhead hair every day.

But, then I realized why my hair looked good. It must have been the crazy morning I’d just had? Who knew that could make my hair look so good?

I would like to share my “hair improvement” discovery.

It had nothing to do with a new haircut or a few extra highlights. It couldn’t have been because of the shampoo I used the other morning. I never know which one I’m using anyway as there are about 6 different choices in my shower.

I don’t think it was the “Crew” styling product I snagged from my son’s cabinet. That stuff was sticky like sludge.

It’s true that it could have been the great blow dryer– the Durasilk DS Artistic Pro Ionic 7000 DuraSilk™ – or the DuraSilk™ Flat Iron  I got from my friend.  They are the best ones on the market today (25% Off & Free Shipping Code: BetterAfter50.) Do check them out….

But there’s still the issue of MOI — me, with no stylist skills.  My friend who is in the hair care business had turned me onto her no-fail blow dryer and assured me I would look like I came straight from the salon. And — it worked great but as I said — I was still in charge of the styling – so my hair still looked confused.

But what I think really happened was this:

I signed up late and got the “last” bike at Soul Cycle in Chestnut Hill. Unfortunately, the bike was in the front row next to the teacher where all the great spinners usually sit. The location is set up like “The Stage” and it’s a place where spin style is important as you’re on display for the rest of the class. Only 12 people are placed in the front on each side of the teacher. The rest of the class is set up amphitheater style. My location was out of my comfort zone – especially because I haven’t mastered the “dips,” and the average age in class that day was 20 (it was school vacation week.)

I took a deep breath, pushed in my earplugs, hopped on the saddle and tried not to look out at the sea of faces. And in an instant – we were off. My legs started spinning at full speed. I barely looked up. I knew I was biking way too aggressively for the start of a class but I felt like I had to keep up with the teacher who was a few feet away from me. It was hard to ignore the sea of bra tops and 20-year-old muscled tummies bearing down on our front line.

The music was blasting – the energy humming and the class felt like a well-oiled machine — all legs spinning in sync. But then I noticed my legs were not moving nearly as fast. I was trying to follow the “flow” of legs spinning like electric eggbeaters –but mine were moving like a wire whisk.

We were 5 minutes into a 50-minute class and I was already in an adrenalized frenzy trying to keep pace with a class full of Rockettes. And then — the teacher called for the “dips.”

“Bend, bend, go, go, go….” I was determined to keep up. I bent my elbows and went deep and my nose crashed into the metal post on the handlebar.

“Really, I thought? This is a stationary bike – how could I possibly have an accident?”

The crunching of cartilage reverberated through my earplugs and I felt a tad stunned but I kept my legs moving. I was not giving in– I was on the spinning stage after all.

I spun and dipped for the balance of class sweating like a fiend. Unfortunately, I still wasn’t able to master the hyper fast arm dips – but I kept trying. But then something clicked. The instructor called out for slower meaningful right dips and left dips as she teed-up my favorite song – “Gravity.” John Mayer’s voice crooned and I fell into a bike dancing zone.

All the Rockettes faded away – I was now alone on my bike – the music’s beat owning my legs–no more throbbing nose – just the beat – the rhythm – the dance. It was dreamy and felt romantic – just me and my bike.

If you’re up for a sensual song – click on this You Tube link of Gravity and tell me if this isn’t the most romantic song.

Class over.

I dismounted with wobbly legs – made my way to the bench by the lockers and sat rubbing my swollen nose. I felt complete. My clothes were soaked and I observed the 20-somethings with their pony tails and 6-pack tummies gathering their stuff – but I didn’t move. I just sat on that bench.

After the place had cleared I pulled my stuff from the locker and went to the ladies room to check my nose. It was indeed swollen but – my hair looked amazing. It was sweaty with a healthy wave and I laughed out loud as it reminded me of that great SNL video and I smirked thinking, “My hair has that I just had sex look.”

I was thrilled. Perhaps I’d finally discovered a hair routine that I wouldn’t dread — a simultaneous work out and hair up-grade in just 50 minutes.

For a good laugh and a little inspiration– here’s Julianne Hough’s (of Dancing With The Stars) lip syncing and dancing to SNL’s “I Just Had Sex” song. I think her hair’s got “that look” – do you?



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