fish bowlOne week ago on 11/9, a number that speaks volumes, the presidential election disrupted a nation, as we know it. We watched it’s unfolding on our TV’s, our Twitter feeds and on our Facebook pages.

For this entire week, I have joined millions obsessed with reading about this election — every stitch of news, every video link, every email and tons and tons of Facebook posts as well as Twitter feeds.

The day before the election (last week) I wrote a piece about the importance of an open dialogue – no matter the result – and how we need to bring that mindset to our Thanksgiving table.

I admit upon writing that piece it was an invitation to be open-minded with those who voted for the “other” candidate who would indeed lose. I was wrong about the outcome, but stand firm on the open-minded challenge.

Nonetheless, this balanced way of thinking felt manageable up until the election results started pouring in.

On Wednesday morning with just 4 hours of sleep, my partner Ronna and I went to a Digital Media conference put on by Hubspot in Boston… #Inbound16. Every single speaker opened with “I’m in shock and I haven’t slept.” There were 17,000 30-something attendees and it felt supportive to be out of the house/office and physically in the same space with these kids –tapping into their pulse.

Teary and bewildered we took comfort in hearing a common message from our young speakers — “Do something and get involved!” (p.s. this was not a political conference but there was not one speaker who ignored the mornings’ election results in their opening remarks).

“DO SOMETHING…DO SOMETHING…GET INVOLVED…” these words reverberate as the indelible Graffiti of the week.

Confused and anxious about what will come of this change it turns out action is the best medicine. For many of us we are figuring out how we can put our feet on the ground and move forward. There are so many organizations that need help, and so many ways to get involved; it’s not always easy to decide where to commit our time and our funds.

In our bewilderment we have turned to our FB pages in droves. I’ve never seen my personal FB page, and our BA50 FB page so full of thoughtful reflection, poetry, sharing of articles and videos and calls to action and thank goodness – humor. People are determined and engaged.

What characterizes this week in the media and among friends who are sharing is a sense of searching to do something — more specifically –to become mobilized.

Although we have tried not to take a political position here at BA50, it is impossible not to speak of this election without disclosing our concerns… most importantly issues concerning, racism, bigotry and sexism.

Our focus at BA50 will now include ways to get involved and we are introducing the hashtag:#BA50smakeadifference  to create a thread where all our ideas will land if you put that at the end of your postsWe encourage and ask you at this time to please help one another to find ways to get involved in organizations and movements that are of interest to you.

We invite you to post, to share ideas and links on our Instagram, Facebook page and in the comments section below. What you share will reach our vast audience of 10,000 women who read our website daily, 30,000 women on our FB page and the thousands on our other social media.

Ok I’ll start here and share some of the stuff that really struck me from our FB shares that were inspiring and educational and  triggers thinking on getting involved …

…Petitions Posted with Link on FB:

Protests again Steve Bannon as part of Trump’s inner circle:

He has referred to feminists as: “a bunch of dykes that came from the 7 Sisters schools.

Under Bannon’s leadership, Breitbart openly embraced the white supremacist alt-right movement.

About Steve Bannon’s anti-semitism

Donate: People are Donating to Planned Parenthood as Mike Pence

You can make a donation to Planned Parenthood in Mike Pence’s name and he’ll receive the certificate of donation. Send it to:  Office of Governor Mike Pence  State House Room 206  Indianapolis, IN 46204-2797

…Gloria Steinem:

After the Election We Will Not Mourn, We Will Organize.

Starbucks Offers SafeHave For LGBT’s From Hate Crimes (All 2,000 of the coffee chain’s staff in Seattle are to receive training in reporting hate crime; part of an initiative launched by a local gay cop)

…Violence Against Minority Groups:  New York Times on Nov 11

march-on-washingtonMillion Women March On January 21 Organizing on FB

…A place to get involved: Generation Citizen

How to guide our kids? When your kids asks you what can I do, can you advise them? Generation Citizen works to ensure every student in the US receives a civics education. Click here to learn more.

Humor: this is hysterical– check out these Obama/Biden friendship memes for a good laugh!

…SNL Kate McKinnon Singing Leonard Cohens’ Hallelujah (posted everywhere) honoring the passing of Halleluah composer Leonard Cohen, Kate sang this piece on SNL this week. If you missed it – please enjoy here. Or listen again (i’ve got this on rewind).

If you’re looking to be active or would like to share your thoughts and links and calls to action of ways to be more involved in creating change use #BA50smakeadifference on all your related posts so people can follow the dialogue and join in.

Join us in January at the women’s march in Washington on January 21. We are going to find a gathering spot and meet there — more info to follow.

Here’s where to go to share all your links with the #ba50smakeadifference

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Please share – open our minds further so we can learn from you wise women.





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