talking on the phoneDo you have that friend that you have grown apart from but you miss them being around? Things change as you get older and people change. It’s the unfortunate part of growing up. Maybe they moved away and you lost contact.

How do you get that contact back or how do you mend a broken relationship from something that has kept you away from the past all because you wanted to buy the last carrying golf bag and your friend wanted it too? That’s what you are about to learn now.  You know one thing that I can tell you it takes.

That one thing is: Courage. You need to have the courage to pick up the phone, send them an email or take the time to write them a personalized letter about how they influenced your life and that you miss seeing their face. It’s all about being the bigger person if you both had a disagreement. Pick up the phone and have a little courage. Be respectful and be vulnerable. Good friends will forgive and forget if they want you in their life.

Now when handling this situation in a professional manner, you should sit down and list the reasons that made you two stop talking in the first place. Include the facts and the arguments and how you plan to get past the situation. Now figure out why you want this person back into your life and how you plan on getting past this hurdle. You will want to start small and focus on growing your friendship back to where it needs to be.

Maybe start by going out for a coffee or drink to apologize and get the latest scoop on each other’s lives. Then as you start to feel more confident in each other’s lives you can progress in your friendship. Have dinner and what not. Make sure you are being sincere and showing how much you regret them not being apart of you life for that period. It’s always good to bring up some old memories that you two had together. This will end with a few laughs and put you back on track with your friendship. Remember, it’s always good to make new friends, but you must not forget about the old friends who were there with you through thick and thin.

Most importantly it will take time. Time heals everything and when you feel like the time is right to reach out to that person than it is right. When you rekindle your relationship over coffee and you feel like maybe you two can take a trip together, than by all means go for it.

Remember in this situation you have nothing to lose. If after all the effort you put into rekindling your relationship and it’s not mutual, than forget it. They are not worth your time. You can only do so much, you have to remember that friendship is a two way street. What you put into it you usually get out of it. It’s a two way street.

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