crazybootsIf you are like many women, you probably have foot issues. I find more women have foot issues than men have foot fetishes, but I digress…

Let’s talk DIY online boot shopping!

Mind you we are not talking Lumber Jack boots here. We are talking about your sassy and sophisticated fall/winter boots. 

  1. What boot size should I order?
  • Begin with your normal shoe size. Wait! What do I constantly preach about bra-fittings? Measure every year as the girls change their size as often as you change your mind. Your feet are no different! It’s a good idea to have your feet measured every season. Plus, you need to factor in if you will wear tights or sox as that can add a 1/2 size to your feet. If you are in-between sizes, always order up.
  • BootShoppingIf your feet are a narrow width and your favorite boot doesn’t come in a narrow you may need to order a 1/2 size smaller than normal. If your feet are a wide width and your favorite boot doesn’t come in a wide you may need to order a 1/2 size larger than normal. However, try to only peruse in the narrow or wide category so you can start out with the best options. Standard width for a woman’s boot is ‘B’ width (which may be labeled ‘M’ for ‘Medium’ width). Narrow width is labeled ‘A’. Wide width is labeled ‘C’.

Finding the right boots depends on how they fit your calves as well as your feet. You need to take your own measurements for boot shaft height as well as calf and ankle circumference.

   2.  What calf size should I order?

  • To see where the shaft will hit your leg measure up from the bottom of your foot.
  • To see if the calf circumference will fit you measure the widest point
  • You should also check the ankle circumference by measuring around the narrowest point
  • The boot should hit your calf at a comfortable height and it should not bunch.
  • You should have room to move without the fit being too loose.
  • If you have narrow calves look for boots that measure 13 ¾ or less.
  • If you have wide calves looks for boots that measure 16 inches or more.
  • You can also look for boots with buckles, gussets and stretch insets that adjust the fit of the shaft.
  • Remember shaft height and calf circumference vary by size, most online sites will tell you a particular size that relates to their measurements. Smaller sizes will be shorter and narrower and larger size will be taller and wider.

And yes I did check the spelling of the plural of calf – as much as I wanted to write ‘calfs’ it is not a word! So calves it is. You’ll note I did take liberty with sox vs. socks as I am from Red Sox Land!

Okay, you listened and you ordered and now the guy in the brown suit has delivered. Let’s check the fit.

  1. FlatHeelBootWhat is considered a good fit?
  • Try on your boots in the afternoon, perhaps after a long day at the office, as your feet tend to be their largest at this time.
  • The boots should fit snugly at the instep in order to hold the foot in place.
  • The ball of your foot should sit at the widest part of the sole of the boot. You should have room in the toe box – they are meant to fit differently than your Manolo Blahniks – no crowding allowed here!
  • Your entire foot should feel snug in the boot except your heel, and it should slip a bit. As you begin wearing your boot, you will find the heel leather will soften and conform to your foot. The slippage will disappear!
  • The instep (vamp) of the boot should fit snugly over the top of the arch of your foot as this helps keep your foot in place.
  • Lastly, be sure to test-drive your boots on carpets only, as scratched bottoms may become a red flag when you try to return or exchange them. Here’s a super tip – put a pair of ugly hi-rise cotton tennis sox (think Jimmy Connors) over the boots and strut around in them until they warm up to make sure the fit is truly comfortable.

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