Marilyn-SightingGet ready ladies, the most dreaded time of the year is here. We are not talking about tax season; we are talking about swimsuit season.

After a long cold snowy winter, we have to begin to break out of our flannel cocoons and dare I say, bare some skin! The thought of baring all, even just in a dressing room, elicits anxiety across the globe.

And despite the fact that everyone talks about how painful swimsuit shopping is, shopping isn’t the issue!

How many times have you spent months dreading the swimsuit season, countless weekends shopping for the perfect suit and hundreds of dollars just to find yourself standing poolside not wanting to drop your kaftan?

As you may already know, my mantra is confidence is always in style and while working with my clients I am always teaching them to know their body and like their body, so they can dress their body with confidence. And yes, oftentimes the most challenging part is ‘dressing their body with confidence’.

Well ladies, we have hit the mother-load. Let me introduce you to SugieWogie, the perfect swimwear for those BA50’s who want to be a bit more modest, yet fashionably chic.

These swimsuits will cut down your shopping time and boost your self-confidence so your walk poolside will be something more like a swagger and your stroll down to the beach will be just that, as opposed to a mad dash to the cover of the icy ocean water.

SugieWogie is for the woman who would like to be poolside looking elegant without worrying about grabbing a cover-up just to refill her strawberry daiquiri!

SugieWogie is unlike any other swimsuit or SwimDress on the market. These suits control perceived imperfections with an elegant and upscale flair. The SwimDress is longer to hide any problem areas and does not cling to your body like most swimsuits. The internal bodysuit, complete with tummy control, has leg openings with a folded edge that allow a smooth transition from the suit to the upper leg. Each style fits a specific need, allowing the body to look its best!

SugieWogie is the only patented control swimsuit that doubles as the “OTHER” must have designer LBD… It’s great for your vacation adventures, poolside parties, boating, cruising and tennis anyone?  WearEver You Go!

I recently interviewed Shari Riehl, the founder and owner of the SugieWogie Signature Collection, and she shared both the story behind the name and the passion behind the collection.

“My father has called me SugieWogie (Shuh-ghee Wug-ghee) since I was a little girl. I wanted to create a line of clothing and accessories that would be a refection of everything my parents inspired me to be: creative and confident with a sense of humor and a splash of verve. This collection bestows women with each of these qualities. Hence the name, SugieWogie.

I believe that fashion is an art and women can express themselves by combining different colors, textures and layers to create a new masterpiece everyday. I also believe real women with real bodies deserve the right to express themselves with style, fashion and confidence. I wanted to bring to women a wonderful option in swimsuits that would allow them to feel beautiful and confident.The SugieWogie motto for all things in life is not to blend in, but to stand out!  SugieWogie SwimDresses control your imperfections, but never tame your spirit. Confidence on board!”  

The collection consists of four SwimDresses, two Cover-Up Tops and a Bag!

Shop with Confidence at

Marilyn Sighting

Marilyn Sighting

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