Though it may seem hard to believe, your Thanksgiving table needs the best outfit of all your immediate family. When the dinner bell chimes, all eyes will be on the fashion show that your table is about to put on, and you have to deliver! Don’t fret! You are sure to bring down the house with BA50’s best outfit ideas for your table.

If you ask any host, most of their table arrangements will include pumpkins which you can find at Pottery Barn. Real pumpkins are a hassle to keep for the big day, and with winter fast approaching, who knows if they’ll make it. And while porcelain pumpkins are elegant, BA50 found an amazing alternative. The Recycled Glass Pumpkin cloche is not only an amazing centerpiece that can be used year round, but a it also decreases your carbon footprint. The transparent, recycled glass allows any colored light to seep through to create the perfect amount of ambiance for your thanksgiving dinner. However, if you want the classic porcelain look, try the Punched Ceramic Pumpkin Candle Holders. The abundant, leaf-like punches will have the same breathtaking affect.

Every good candle holder needs a beautiful candle. That’s why the Premium Flicker Flameless Birch Wax Pillar Candle is the best option for all your thanksgiving, candle needs. These flameless candles can be left on for the entirety of your meal, and you won’t have to worry about pesky wax dripping all over your table cloth! After the meal, they can then be spread around the house as decoration for many seasons to come.

Candles this beautiful deserve their own seat at the table. No one wants them hiding behind any pesky pumpkin holders. If you want your beautiful candles on display for all to see, try the Antique Mercury Votive Holder. These adorn votive holders are perfect to decorate your table, your doorway, your staircase, or anywhere else you feel needs a little flare. They are just clear enough to see your beautiful candles, but their individualized, antique finish allows them to stand on their own as a lovely decoration.

Keep the pumpkin theme going with place cards for every table setting. The Pumpkin Place Card Holders from Crate & Barrel will be the perfect little addition to your place settings. The petite, porcelain pumpkins are small enough so they will stay out of the way of all your delicious food, while still making everyone feel individual and special. And think of how easy food serving will be if you know exactly who is sitting where!

Want to jazz up your place settings even further? Crate&Barrel’s Turkey Napkin Rings will do just that. No one likes a messing place setting. What better way to make sure all your significant other’s messy napkin folds look presentable than with a festive napkin ring? The sleek, brass-like material is sure to go with your autumn color scheme.

Gravy is a thanksgiving staple, so by extension it will need to be displayed in the perfect bowl for all to see. The Thankful Gravy Boat is you’re to wow all of your guest, while make them feel all warm and fuzzy. Gold lettering displayed on white background is fit for any thanksgiving table arrangement. You can also Show your guests how thankful you are for them by simply passing them a plate!

The gravy boat isn’t the only food item that needs a knockout serving bowl. Since presentation is everything, Ba50 picked out 3 other chic serving bowls for all your mashed potato, and green bean needs. Pottery Barn’s Figural Turkey Serve Bowl will not only match with your main course, but with the Figural Turkey Serve Salt and Pepper Shakers you are sure to buy with it. This festive set is the missing piece at any table. The rich white glaze brings out the detail of the piece, and the color truly goes with anything. This set is sure to add some personality to the table.
Is one cute serving bowl not enough? We didn’t think so. Try the White Pumpkin Serving Bowl from Crate&Barrel to keep the color scheme in check, while feeding your pumpkin obsession.

No one needs to be thanked more than the adults. What better way to tell them while handing them a beautiful glass of much needed wine? These Thankful Stemless Wineglasses will be perfectly paired with your gravy boat. Additionally, all the adults in the room are sure to be thanking you for the fact that they can see when their glass of rich red or light white is dwindling.

Now that you have all of these beautiful items, you need something to put them on! Crate&Barrel created the perfect table cloth to finish out your design plan. Ba50 has selected the Linden Sienna Orange Tablecloth, but they come in all different colors, so YOU get to choose what’s best for you. Fit for rectangular and round tables, this tablecloth is sure to tie your tables ensemble together very nicely.

Not a tablecloth person? Don’t want to deal with the hassle of cleaning a whole table cloth? The Thankful Graphite Linen Table Runner is for you. It does all the work of a tablecloth without all of the hassle!

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