Okay, let’s face it: shift happens. And it doesn’t always happen where we’d plan, when it comes to body matter.

If you face the mirror one day muttering in bewildered shock, “What the heck happened to my waistline?!” you’re not alone. According to the International Menopause Society (yes, there is such a group), we experience a shift in our “fat stores” after menopause. That rearrangement of stuff targets our midsection whether we gain weight, or not, say the folks at IMS.

So with physics being what it is, acceptance may be a useful response. Embracing a new figure variation, however, doesn’t automatically translate to a desire to highlight aforementioned body particular. If flaunting your recently-acquired middle isn’t your cup of tea, try on one or more of these style strategies for a lower-key tummy presence.

  1. Soma-tunic-7570087882Empire-waistlines. Empire waistlines are actually not “waist” lines at all. They feature a horizontal seam just below a fitted bust and no actual waistline seam. The feature of empire waistlines that’s relevant here is that they accentuate the narrow part of your midsection –– that zone between tummy and bust.

A word of caution: If you have a very full tummy The wrong fit on one of these can leave you looking like you’ve revisited your maternity days. If you fear this look, or have a full bust line you prefer not to amplify, skip to one of the following alternatives.

  1. T-Thari-Kendrick-top-NordstromRuched or draped, surplice-front tops. Ruching’s great. Surplice fronts are flattering. The best of all worlds come together when you snag both in the same top. (If you’re asking “what on earth is ‘surplice’”? It’s that diagonal, faux-wrap neckline thing.) A little draping in the tummy zone can be a girl’s BFF.A close fit in the hip area offsets the mid-zone fabric fullness and prevents a shapeless look.


  1. Lafayette148-Kara-jkt-mjy42r-8248_a0791-jryxLayer a fitted jacket. Fit is the operative word on this one. If you’re struggling to button the jacket, or it hugs your middle, it’s too small.   Like #2, you accomplish shape, without emphasizing waistline fullness.

One-button styles are less structured and add freedom of space when the button is placed above the waist. You can create a similar effect with an overblouse: Leave all but one strategically-placed button undone to emphasize a narrow-below-bust space and create a pseudo empire waistline.

  1. side-panel-dress-graphic-stylesSide-panels or color blocking and graphics. Illusion dressing at its finest. Curvy side panels and designs that virtually “paint on” a waistline let you revel in Hourglass Heaven, while kicking waist-cinching shapewear to the curb.


While not required with many of these dress styles, shapewear lends an added boost if you opt for it.

  1. high-waisted-peplumsPeplums. Use the skirted bottom of a peplum to give your tummy room to breathe. The looser the waist-area fabric, the better.


Many of these tops hug the midriff, so choose one that hugs above the fullest area of your torso. Net effect: the same advantage you gain from the empire waist in #1.


  1. Bypass-waistline-jacketsBypass the waist entirely. Instead of illusion-dressing tactics, you might prefer to ignore the waistline presence v. absence debate altogether. A loose and unshaped, open-front jacket keeps the condition of your waist your own little secret. It’s nobody’s damn business, anyway.






Patty Buccellato is a certified image coach and founder of Refined Images. Her specialty is bringing women out of the closet with a personal style that suits their body, psyche, and circumstances. Go here to claim your FREE eBook!


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