shockedshopperHave you been paying attention to Target?

In the world of stylish, label conscious women, Target is often considered ‘less’ than worthy.

Perhaps the big red circle only makes it’s way to your radar screen during the holidays when you are shopping for the obligatory bathrobe for Nana, slippers for Papa, inexpensive wrapping paper or the totally necessary (aka unnecessary) stocking stuffers.

You admittedly have never thought of walking in there to shop for yourself. If in fact you have been in a rabbit hole during the last few fashion cycles you may not have even noticed what has taken place inside the big T. Here’s a hint – can you spell collaborations?

Let’s start the lesson with catching you up with the happenings at Target and perhaps I can help you dress weScreen Shot 2014-11-05 at 9.16.01 AMll and save more this holiday season.

Last year Target teamed up with 24 designers – here are a few of the highlights in case 2013 was a red circle blur for you.

  • Spring brought in London based Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos, known for their fabulous bold print fabrics.
  • Carolina Herrera signature patterns were seen in the stationary department.
  • Phillip Lim brought in both basic suiting and fun graphics for outfits that popped.
  • Derek Lam had a line of slippers – who knew Papa could have been sporting the leopard look?
  • How about a Diane Von Furstenberg yoga mat or a Tory Burch lunchbox so you could start the elementary school girl battles early.
  • Jason Wu showed up in children’s wear (well not literally).

No doubt this is starting to ring a bell with many of you. Here is the real trigger, remember the Missoni madness? People lined up 24 hours in advance – grabbing everything and anything – checking out and then even reselling both in the parking lot and on eBay within minutes! Not sure that is what Missoni and Target had in mind, but boy it set the wheels in motion for a successful campaign, one which continued right through 2014.

Here are a few of the 2014 designers in case you were still in the snooze zone this calendar year. Just this September, Joseph Altuzarra, who is known for seriously sexy yet totally practical pieces, debuted at Target with a 48 piece capsule collection with every piece under $100. More on that below.

The newest partnership is the best yet!

TOMS shoes has teamed up with the chain on a limited edition line just in time for the holiday season and has brought their business model with them on this collaboration. TOMS prides itself on giving back in a one-for-one model. For each pair of shoes sold, a pair is given to a child in need.

According to the store’s website, “Every TOMS for Target apparel, accessory and home good purchase results in the donation of a blanket through the American Red Cross or Canadian Red Cross, or one week of meals through Feeding America or Food Banks Canada. And for every TOMS for Target pair of shoes sold, a pair will go to a child in need.”

And in the spirit of buying and giving, everything in the collection retails for under $50, so gift away!

Head on over to Target starting Nov. 16 to purchase with purpose!

And if you are ready to personally test a few things at Target, take a moment, settle yourself and consider just one category. Let’s say ‘holiday’ blouses for example. If there is one item in your wardrobe that you never get the cost-per-wear down on, it’s holiday blouses. Seriously, you may wear them twice this year and heaven forbid you wear them again next year, so why pay sky-high prices? Why not just pick up a few slightly sassy tops to dress up your jeans, pop on a bit of bling and call it an evening!

I have always said that based on your budget, I can dress you well at Saks or at Target, and lately that phrase has seriously rung true.

Here are three holiday blouses that you can buy for a total of 75.00! What, three for 75? Please make my $15.00 cranberry martini a double.




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