If you are like us you have tons of jeans in your closet and plenty of white jeans waiting to have their coming out moment. Well it’s time. But the question is, how to spice them up  and make them look like they’ve got a fresh new look for Memorial Day 2017.

We love these high rise jeans and thus fairly forgiving jeans from J Brand. . You can check them out here…

J Brand

We also love these flared boot cut white jeans from Matje. We found them on Polyvore, but you can also buy them at Bloomingdales.

Flared boot cut at Bloomies

Elle magazine had a great piece on dressing up white jeans for all occasions and some of their suggestions are really clever.  Playing with separate combos can give you some great ideas of what to wear with your white jeans. Chances are you have some great mix and match pieces in your wardrobe already and perhaps this will inspire you to recycle some of your stuff to create a fresh look.

Here’s one of their suggestions of what to wear to brunch. Click  here to see more combinations.


Click here to see more….

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