Here’s the question – do you want to dress like working woman (at home) June Cleaver of Leave It To Beaver or Mary Richards (in the newsroom) of the Mary Tyler Moore Show?

Nowadays, the lines are blurred, the glass ceilings are cracking and the dress codes include something ridiculous called Casual Fridays. What’s a woman to do? Where to turn, where to shop, what to buy, what to wear?

Are you unsure what your image should be? Should you fit into the mold or break the mold? Will you be considered creative, or tagged fancy as a fruitcake?

Should you conform to business attire if you have your own business? Should you set your own dress code and dress by a set of rules based on your business type?

Photo: CBS Photo Archives

Photo: CBS Photo Archives

Oooh – those of us who are BA50’s are shuddering at the words ‘a set of rules’ – no way man – I’m too old for a set of rules. I want to fly my own plane – with no assigned seats and bathrooms bigger than phone booths.

I want to wear what I want to wear – I want to be comfortable. When I hear that from a woman, she is really saying – “I have no freaking clue what size I am so consequently I buy the wrong size and either can’t sit down in the pants or need duct tape to hold them up.”

Let’s start with redefining business attire as it pertains to YOU!

What is your business, are you employed or self-employed? For the sake of today’s post let’s say self-employed. After all many of us BA50’s are way more discerning with what we do with our time. We know how to say no, except when it comes to volunteering.

When it comes to our business the only crap we put up with is the crap we create. We are smart enough to know when to back off of our own work load (are we really?) If not really, we have most likely hired a business coach to show us how to back off. We have most likely embraced the notion of a virtual assistant. We have outsourced (or have on our wish list) the future outsourcing of cleaning the house (or at least rug shampooing), ironing shirts (hello dry cleaner), mowing the lawn (4 guys show up and are done in 7 minutes flat – how can that NOT be worth it), grocery shopping (hello Peapod), manicures (pretty sure no one does their own nails anymore), hair care (unless your hair is blue, you most likely have a hairdresser visit scheduled every 8 weeks), cobbler (can’t get black shoe polish on your new manicure), car oil change (if you change your own let me know as I have a 1947 MGTC that could use your expertise), and we’ll stop there. But WAIT – no one to help us get dressed?

Seriously – you are going through the midlife thing, you are a newly termed empty-nester, might have gained or lost a few pounds (the girls not quite happy in the current bra), might be re-entering the workforce, might be staring your own business, might be downsizing your home (or taking over newly empty closets) and you haven’t outsourced your image?

How the heck are you going to get dressed if you don’t know what size you are, what is hiding in the bowels of your closet from play-date days, how to brand yourself for your new business or new job, what to buy, where to buy it or what to budget? Come on now, being better-after-50 means realizing that it’s about damn time you were on the top of your own list. If not now – when?

Let’s fix the things that are fix-able. Let’s work on your image, your style, and your self-confidence. Think back to the last event you attended. Was it was a networking event, a college reunion or even a holiday gathering? How easy was it to see who entered the room wearing confidence and who didn’t? Were you the one walking in feeling loud and proud or were you noticing those who did? It’s time for you to take center stage in your own life. It’s time for you to be loud and proud and make the entrance into your own new chapter (don’t have a new chapter – then write one).

If you are a woman in business who struggles with her image, it’s time for you to outsource your style. Get with the program. Treat yourself – you are so worth it! No matter where you are in the world, there’s a stylist waiting to help you. Shop wisely for the right match to be sure you are compatible. Not sure where to start? Start here – Complimentary Consult – we’ll talk about who you are, where you live, what your budget is, what you struggle with and what your desired outcome is. You have to start somewhere – just know there is help, you don’t have to go it alone. Let’s figure it out once and done so you can rock the room, your promising business and the rest of your life!

Live in New England? Then by all means join us on May 17th as I empower women to use style as a tool to take strategic control of their image. “I believe that all women are beautiful and I want them to see the beauty that others see. No matter their body profile, I teach women how to dress with purpose, accentuating their assets and disguising their liabilities.” This session will both entertain as well as educate you on how to choose clothing that fits your shape, your budget and your lifestyle. It is time to make your appearance a priority and dress with confidence.

Takeaways include:

  • How to define your authentic style
  • How to dress and shop with purpose
  • How to rock your confidence after 50

One lucky attendee will win a 2-hour Styling Session with Doreen and her book, Confidence Is Always In Style will be available to purchase at a special BA50 price of $10.00.

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