My father was a veteran, and I remember a conversation with him when I was young that wearing the flag was disrespectful and something that would not be tolerated in his house.  It always made July 4th dressing a bit of a challenge for me, and I played things pretty safe so as not to insult or offend him.

I’m not sure what the particular protocol is these days for sporting the American Flag, but given the trend in retail for red, white & blue in the weeks leading up to Independence Day, I’d say it’s not only safe but downright patriotic to sport the flag, or at least its colors on July 4th. ¬†There is a fine line, however, between dressing like a flag¬†and looking festive and appropriate (think hideous reindeer sweater.)

If you are heading out to the town parade, it’s pretty safe to go with a basic flag t-shirt. ¬†Gap and Old Navy usually have a good selection. ¬†But if your holiday calls for more socially interactive events like a barbeque or cocktail party, you may want to up your flag swag.

A basic white linen shirt with ¬†a blue or red skirt (striped is best!) looks great, paired with the opposing color sandals or flats. ¬†Or reverse it and go with stripes on the top, solids on the bottom. ¬†My favorite shirt (and one that will last all summer long and then some…) is this cotton one from¬†Frank & Eileen:


Cotton Barry shirt available at Frank& $198

Who knew horizontal stripes are actually slimming, and the navy color gives it a panache that lets it blend with dark as well as light bottoms.  Polka dots are also a good choice Рand very much on trend this season:pin-up-dresses-red-polka-dot-dress-wedding-ideas

Add a pair of blue or white pumps with a navy pashmina and you’re good to go.

What’s great about 4th of July Fashion is that you already have everything in your closet to dress up (or down). ¬†Chambray shirts, jeans, a navy or white T-shirt, red dress or pants…it’s all there. ¬†It’s just in how you pair it. ¬†For the best looks, keep it simple and colorful. ¬†It’s OK to mix and match and try different combinations of casual and dressier pieces. ¬†If you’re stuck for inspiration, visit Pinterest¬†and enter 4th of July as your keyword. ¬†You’ll be amazed at what comes up! ¬†Before I head off to my daily festivities, here are some looks I found on Pinterest:


Happy Fourth! ¬†Have a wonderful and safe holiday…!





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