olderwomanponderingAre you dressing like the CEO of your life? I hear it all the time. I’m not a CEO, so I don’t have to dress like one.

Well guess what darling – you are the CEO – the CEO of your life –the Classy Empowered Owner of your image! The bottom line is, dress like you care! I am not saying dress like a Kardashian, dress like Jane Fonda, dress like Hillary Clinton (??), but I am saying dress with purpose!

It takes the same amount of effort to put on a dark wash pair of jeans as it does to pull on your black stretched out stretch pants. It takes the same amount of effort to don a stylish boot as it does to don those ugly Uggs. It takes the same amount of effort to put on a stylish sweater as it does to put on a Patriots sweatshirt (especially if you are not actually headed to Gillette Stadium). And it takes the same amount of effort to put on a sassy jacket as it does to don that feathered puffer!

olderwomanglassesAll we are suggesting here is to shop with a plan and dress with purpose. Make choices about your daily garb especially if you are a budding entrepreneur, a dreaming ladder climber, a role model to teenage girls, a retired executive planning the next chapter or even the sassy gram looking to travel the globe!

Perhaps you are not feeling confident in clothing other than the same old same old? Then it’s time to find some clothing that is authentically you!

For this I often defer to the power of GOOGLE! While consulting with an online client this week and reviewing her sizing, her struggles and possible solutions, I started with the basics and they went something like this.

  1. First off, the habit of assuming you are a ‘specific’ size number can be leading you astray. The power is in your hands – literally. You need to own a soft tape measure and you need to know the following measurements. Six for success – your bust, your waist, your hips, your inseam, your height and your weight.
  2. Size ScaleAs a sample here is the Talbot’s size scale – only shown because they actually spell it out loud and clear. So if you can find your measurements on this scale – you can determine what size you are and you can shop with purpose.
  3. Now, start by Googling the item you may be looking for! Let’s say you need a pair of black Ponte pants but you know you haven’t ever been able to find them in your size in the stores for about five years (possibly because up until now you haven’t really known your size) and you have been looking for a size 16 petite. Just empowered with two measurements you can now accurately pinpoint your true size. If your height is 5’2 and your waist is 36, here’s the news Dorothy, you are not a Missy 16 – you are a Petite Plus or a 14WP.

Now don’t shoot the messenger here – I am just as annoyed that the sizing these days is as wacky as it gets. In the old days a 10 was a 10 was a 10. Now you can be a 10 in one store and a 2 in another. So you have to be your own advocate, or outsource your style like you outsource everything else!

So pony on up to the corner office and become the CEO of your own style. Knowledge is power and you need the ‘power’ to shop with purpose these days!

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