I Am Not That Fat GirlTis the season to bare all –

What seriously?

There is no shortage of body hang-ups that I could write about and have. I even included a section on body hang-ups in my book, Confidence Is Always In Style, written with humor of course, because laughter is the best medicine. However when it comes right down to it, being comfortable, content and confident with your body, issues or not, is a way better approach than the comedy cover-up.

With that said, lets talk about the top five body issues that seem to plague women once the 4th of July, with all that nearly naked frolicking, rolls around.

Here are some of the issues and a few solutions that you can put into play.

Under Arm Carnage

tanksI have to tell you as I shop across the country for clients, both physically and virtually, the best looking tops and dresses are sleeveless. So where does that leave those of us who have what I term as under arm carnage? First the definition of the affliction, because I just heard your reaction! The carnage is the visible gap between the bottom of the sleeve hole opening and your actual armpit. Oftentimes that includes a little extra skin (the skin that has never ever seen sunshine) as well as the top of your bra band (which oftentimes is the most discolored part of your lovely bra) – not a good look! Want to test this dilemma? Raise your arm or reach for your stapler while in front of a mirror and then get a gander at what others are seeing. The solution – wear a fitted tank that fills the gap! That way when you are making the reach, the only thing visible is the tank that is the same color palette as your shell. These are my client favorites. Nordstroms 2-way seamless tanks, available in regular and plus, in 7 colors! They are reversible so on days when the front cleavage may be a bit of an issue you wear the higher neckline in the front. On days when you want to show a peek of the ‘c’ word you reverse the tank. I love these tanks, own them in my 3 basic uniform colors, white, black and navy and of course own 2 in white and black so there isn’t ever any laundry drama!

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 9.17.39 AMThe Dreaded Visible Bra Straps

As much as I hound about getting the girls locked and loaded, there is still more to be considered. The straps are not an accessory, nor anything that anyone needs to see. Oftentimes our sleeveless shells are cut a bit slimmer on the shoulder and the straps often come out and about. The solution – own a cross body or convertible bra in 2 neutral colors, perhaps nude, white or black. It is exchangeable so you can wear it either way. But be sure to wear it as a cross body with your sleeveless shells and dresses so that the straps don’t take center stage.

Elephant Knees – For Lack of a Better Visual Term

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 9.20.24 AMYes, it is shorts season. Here’s the news, the extra 8 inches of fabric to change from a short to a capri is not going to make you faint from heat stroke! Pass by the khaki men’s shorts aisle and head on over to capri land. Here is a client favorite just to show you the shape and proportion we are going for – slim, trim and flattering.

Note the length and the look, which makes for a more slimming and flattering effect and the knees are out of sight, out of mind.

Not So Pretty Twinkle Toes

Unless you have a foot fetish, you can probably agree with me that feet in general are not the best looking part of the human anatomy. The issues abound, bunions, hammertoes, corns, calluses, thick toenails, enough already. What’s a gal to do when the calendar dictates sandal time! Be a bit more discerning in your sandal selection and accentuate the assets and disguises the liabilities!

Here are a few red, white and blue options that may disguise (hide) the liabilities, but still leave you looking fashionable and feeling cool as a cucumber!

red white blue sandals

The Plan B Ponytail

Lastly, let’s talk about that ponytail! Is this the same ponytail from sixth grade that comes out in April and stays until October because you are way too hot to have that mop hanging on your neck? Do the math – that means 7 out of 12 months you are wearing a compromised hairstyle. Let’s consider trying a new stylist, a shorter cut and changing that ratio to 12 months of the year looking smashing AND feeling cool. What do you have to lose for trying, it always grows back.

Here is one of the most famous (and not flattering) ponytails in history!


Confidence Is Always In Style

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