If there’s one day of the year where you can showcase every patriotic bone in your body: sartorially, interior design-wise, and culinarily, it’s July 4th.                             

From countryliving.com

From countryliving.com

We like to keep the kitsch down to a somewhat mid-level, but there are those who go a little cray-zee.tumblr_mpeyn8l6Ib1r3fv6wo1_500


We’ve featured many Independence Day-themed posts on our “BA50s Love Summer Holidays” page, and here a few of our favorite most recent additions.

Add a white top to this blue and red striped skirt and you’ve got an outfit that’s perfect for an Independence Day brunch. The lacy texture adds some “fireworks.”

Blue and Red skirt for July 4th

Navy slides and a blue cardi to warm you while you watch the fireworks will take this red and white dress to a whole new patriotic level.

red and white dress for July 4th

When caszh is the dress code, denim and stripes are a perfect pairing. Perfect, we might say, for any day of the summer.

4th of july outfit

No jokes here, these Firecracker Hot Dogs are the bomb!

Firecracker Hot Dogs

A splash of red and blue turns a ho-hum white cake into a fireworks display. Add some frosting and some extra color and you’ve got yourself a “dynamite” dessert.

Fireworks cake for July 4th

You can of course make your own, but if simplicity is the name of the game for you over the holiday weekend, store-bought ice cream sandwiches dipped in red, white and blue sprinkles will be your go-to treat. Can you say, “easy, peasy?”

July 4th ice cream sandwiches

And because our Founding Fathers wouldn’t really want anyone to fuss as we remember them, here’s another simple, festive, “now, why didn’t I think of that” idea. Stars on simple, white candles to brighten up a dining or buffet table.

July 4th candles

Spills don’t matter when your tablecloth is made of red, white, and blue streamers.  They add a patchwork of color and flair and make clean-up a breeze.

July 4th table setting

Whatever your day looks like, we wish you a glorious and safe 4th!

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