internet shoppingDid you know that a new indoor mall has not been built since 2006? I found that to be somewhat alarming, but certainly understandable.

After all, shopping is no longer just brick and mortar; now it’s click and order. Online is how more and more people are shopping every day and the numbers just keep going up.

Personally, I love to shop on-line, as there is lots more for me to choose from than if I were in an actual store. I always read the customer’s feedback, because the comments give important clues as to how an item will fit a variety of women’s shapes, sizes, ages and needs.

And, oh how I love free shipping so I can return the items to a store that don’t fit right, or look completely different than what was shown.

There is also less stress for many women when shopping from the comfort of their home or office. Some women easily get overwhelmed when they enter a department store. It’s because of all the racks of clothes; perfect looking mannequins, horrific lighting, and what seems to be a series of Fun House mirrors.

It can also be as simple as not knowing where to start looking in the stores, so they either buy something similar to what they already have, or leave. Shopping can actually be overwhelming and quickly lower a woman’s self-esteem. If nothing gets accomplished, why bother?

When you shop on-line please use the following tips to make the experience more productive and fun.

  1. Always search for the Free Shipping Code
  2. Narrow your choices by size, color, price and type. This will spare you from searching thru hundreds of items.
  3. Order the size you usually wear and another item one size larger. This is so you have lots of ‘wiggle’ room just in case you need it.
  4. Read the customer reviews. There is tons of info here and it always influences my online shopping decisions.
  5. Go straight to the “On Sale” category. That is what I do for my clients and myself. Saving money never goes out of style.
  6. Check how the fit is rated. Does the rating say, True to size or runs small or large?
  7. PLEASE return what does not fit or look good on you. I see way too many unworn and ticketed purchases hanging in the closets of my new clients. Get your money back, and use it towards getting what will look good on you.

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