164908917Who doesn’t want to have a little more cash in their pockets?

With rising costs of college tuition, insurance, mortgages, vacations, travel, you name it, everything is very expensive in Massachusetts.  We all at one point in our lives would love to see Aston Martins or Ferraris in our driveways or multiple homes around the world.  How about private schools for your children?

Your waistline is getting larger by eating at McDonald’s and how many iceberg salads can you eat since this type of lettuce doesn’t offer any nutritional value. You dream of taking your family out to the Capital Grille restaurant for that juicy piece of steak or that succulent seafood platter, but the three hundred dollar bill following that order is enough to choke the cow that gave you the steak.

Since I too am not from the silver spoon club or have no association to Warren Buffett or Mark Zuckerburg, I did however have the fortunate luck to have a generous gift given to me that allowed me to experience how the super-rich vacation.  This short lived dream happened two weeks ago at the spectacular five star resort called the Ocean House.

As I drove my vehicle to Rhode Island and landed at this oasis to bask in the glory of living briefly like a celebrity, I noticed there was quite a difference in the cut of the people walking around the resort.  First, mega rich singer Taylor Swift lives two doors down from the resort which makes it a hoot for the tween and twenty-something crowd.

Secondly, as my Toyota Highlander was being valeted, I noticed my vehicle was the only car that was low-end in the parking lot.  Now, I never thought Toyota Highlanders were considered low-end, but I guess when it is parked next to a brand new Bentley, it looks very meek.

As the guests were stepping out of their fancy cars, I being the obsessed pocketbook fan noticed many of the women carrying ten to thirty thousand dollar pocketbooks.  I thought I won the lottery when I purchase a fifty dollar pocketbook at Marshall’s.  Then, to add to the thousands of dollars rolling out of these cars, was the jewelry pouring off of these men and women.

I literally had to wear my sunglasses to ward off the glare from all of the diamonds shining at me.  Some of these rocks on these guests’ hands were bigger than what my little Nephew pulled out of the local pond.

When I finally got my vision adjusted, I happily walked into this welcoming hotel entrance only to be greeted by multiple staff members, all knowing my name.  I was very impressed with that special touch, and to be honest, I am not sure my own neighbor of six years knows my first name, but I digress.

My stomach was growling as usual, so I gleefully strolled into the dining area.  The three person wait staff greeted me ever so professionally and civilized.  No one stomped over to me, and said, “what’ll I get ya, mam.”  And my dish was quietly and gently placed in front of me.  No slamming of plates or long winded conversations “of how is my Susie going to pay for her ten children without no papa.”

The tables were fairly close together in this dining area, and I overheard a Father asking his daughter, “What do you want to do today?”  Sounds like a normal Father question, right?  However, the daughter’s response was shocking to me.  “Father, I would like to drive around in my new car and shop all day long.”  I kind of got it since she looked seventeen, and most young women love to shop, but all day long?

When I was seventeen, I never had a brand new car, but what we regular folk call our cars, is a gallopy.  My car got me around to my multiple jobs with a few Hail Marys and a nice tap on the dashboard for good luck.  The all-day shopping sprees for me never happened with working three jobs, plus school and buying two items at the old Natick Mall.

Another shocking comment from this young teenager was the fact that she was coherently speaking to her father about the Iraq and Ukraine crisis.  At seventeen, my conversations started with, “I hope I can buy Michael Jackson’s new Thriller album.”  Now, I am definitely not an idiot, but my repertoire of dialogue to my parents was not zoning in on international affairs.  I do however remember being very concerned about this important issue and that was: will my outfit look good on me while I roller skate at Roller Kingdom? Please don’t deny it, you too had those same thoughts at seventeen.  Once again, I am not a superficial person, but international problems were not on my top ten list of interesting topics to discuss.

I was also interested at seventeen in seeing how many times could I stomach and scare myself into seeing the gory blockbuster movie, JAWS.

Once I got over the shock of listening to this teenager speak intelligently about the Iraq and Ukraine problems, I meandered around this resort to be abruptly stopped mid-way by a woman playing the harp.  Wow, it was spectacular and relaxing beyond belief.  I haven’t heard a harpist since the days of John William’s conducting the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Since the weather was warm and beautiful, I thought I would go to the private beach.  Once I gathered my book, water, hat, towel, sun block, and chair that I stupidly brought, the bellman stopped me and said everything is down at the cabana.  There is no need to bring all of this stuff except my hat and book.  I am so used to schlepping multiple beach items to Salisbury Beach and praying with each step to the ocean that no broken glass or lit cigarette was going to penetrate through my flip flop.  Fortunately, for me, the resort combs the sand every day and cleans any kind of debris that might blow through their property.

Once at the beach, I was expecting the loud family with five children, blasting Jay Z music.  Shockingly, I got a plush lounge chair in a quiet secluded cabana shielded from the sun and my own personal cabana assistant.  They also offered shuttle service to the many local shops if I got bored looking at the Atlantic Ocean.

The next day, my stay came to a sad close, and I had to say good-bye to fine dining, spas, fancy cars, shuttle services, pampering and shopping.

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