I went to an energy healing workshop 13 years ago at Kripalu after my husband died and learned about tapping, meridians and my body’s energy centers. I learned about how to use a simple technique to calm me and quiet the trauma that was racing through my veins with this simple technique.

Standing in a room of 100 people I followed our leader, Donna Eden’s instructions…

“This is the spot on your collar bone you should tap if you are falling asleep while driving.” I tapped and tapped but I wasn’t tired so I had no idea if it was working.

“This is the spot you tap for a headache – and this for sadness and heartache — and this one for clarity.”

Oh wow, I couldn’t control much. I had learned that the hard way. Loss will do that. But the tapping gave me some power. I needed some power over my mind and needed some techniques to quiet my racing heart.

I was tapping to wake up out of my fog, to settle down the pounding in my chest, and I was desperate to stop the tears. It made me giggle to tap at new found energy centers and miraculously, I felt better, a little more balanced and calmer.

Well, that was 13 years ago.

I bought Donna Eden’s book on energy healing and shared tapping with my kids — they looked at me like I was a whack but one of them used it before a big exam (maybe to humor me, but he didn’t say). I had tried to teach them 3 part yoga breathes and they were open to that because it worked immediately, but now they were worried I was embracing some strange self flagellation.

But that was so long ago and I hadn’t heard much about tapping since then.

And then this week – there it was — they were tapping on The Today Show. Does this mean tapping has gone mainstream?  Perhaps. It appears tapping has made its way from the yoga mats in the Berkshire hills at Kripalu to national TV as Megyn Kelly is tapping and talking about its merits.

I guess that means for those who may have raised an eyebrow back then…Get Tapping!

Here’s the TV piece — listen to this story about how Adrienne Cerulo used tapping to ease her back pain in just 2 days after 4 years of chronic pain. Watch how simple it is.


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