The smooth and mellifluous voice of Judy Collins has entertained countless fans of all ages for decades. At 77,

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she’s still at it, with an album that garnered her her first Grammy nomination in forty years. Her latest creation, however, is not musical, but literary: her memoir Cravings: How I Conquered Food. In it, Ms. Collins discusses her very long dependence on alcohol, her trials with Bulimia, and the diet she adheres to and swears by.

“I really wrote the book so that I could help people understand there is a solution and they don’t have to go through all the years of struggle that I went through. We are addicted to sugar, grains, flour, wheat and junk, and they will increase the chance of bulimia, obesity and anorexia. Those (foods) contain alcohol and they set up a craving and a compulsion to have more. I don’t have any cravings now, and for years that was the problem. I’d get in and out of these diets, and sure, they work for a while.”


Read more of an interview with the singer/author that appeared in USA Today here.

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