This past weekend it was freezing. It was so cold my dog gave up on her walk. So cold that we barely got off the couch. So dreary and dark at 4pm that we all were nearly catatonic. Our energy was collectively low the entire Saturday even though we had the company of each other and we really like each other. We watched a movie, had some Irish Whiskey, checked in on our technology, but we were just plain logy (which happens to be a Dutch word… spoiler alert).

Over dinner we talked about Hygge and decided to take the plunge and commit to it the next day. It worked! We kicked our SAD moods goodbye. Once we brought Hygge into our space we had a new strategy to deal with the long New England winter ahead.

First of all, you should know that #Hygge is a top trending word (and mood) of 2016. The only thing complicated about it is saying it!

We had a laughing fit as we each took a turn trying to say it. We sounded like we were gargling.  However, the effect was already working, our spirits were elevated just talking about it. (By the way, it’s pronounced Hoo-Ga).

Hygge is the balance between material and psychological coziness and it’s big with the Danes and the Norwegians.  “Hygge” is a state where all psychological needs are in balance.

It’s not necessarily about buying stuff – but if you need to pick up a few accessories to up your Hygge –then who are we to judge?

SO here’s how we gave ourselves a big lift:

1. Say it out loud. Just saying “HOO-GA”…the magic began to work it’s way into our fibers.  Once we made the ordinary feel extraordinary, just by acknowledging what feels good, we got an uptick. Ever ask someone what their favorite food is, favorite aroma, comfiest slippers or favorite pillow? Well watch their faces when they respond…you are sure to see joy.

2. On Sunday, although it was still frigid, 10 degrees at 11 am, Ronna I went x-country skiing and got good and sweaty.

3. The boys were working in the condo fixing a cabinet….drilling, nailing and measuring.

4. When we came inside, our husbands greeted us with a roaring fire– warm, cozy and inviting.

5. We made ourselves mugs of coffee with frothy milk floating on top…we all were smiling tucked on the couch with our drinks.

(Btw..Here’s a Frother how to video that will get you salivating in case you don’t have one)


3. Jazz, who was down and out about the cold, managed to bring her magic energy onto the couch and add to the joy.  Tucked into my husband’s lap she emitted a halo of joy for all of us to bask in…don’t you feel good just looking at this photo?


4. After a few hours, I went upstairs to read. Just seeing my book lying on the pillow was a temptation I couldn’t resist. Tucking under the covers immersing in a few chapters of American Pastoral was perfection. If you haven’t read this (forget the movie – read the book), it’s brilliant and you won’t be able to put it down.


5. It was getting dark out again and I slipped into my fleecy, cozy UGG slippers to go downstairs for cocktails. I smiled as I glanced at the light blue rawhide shoe-tie. Cozy, comfy, warm and pretty — pure Joy.


6.  And this is the cocktail we poured– our new favorite winter drink, Yellow Spot, direct from Ireland (and you’ve got to love the name)



7.  The candles were lit and they were arranged in  mason jars. Somehow this combo merged the best parts of summer with the coziness of winter.

Hopefully, you are getting the Hygge vibe just reading this afternoon delight and are ready to give it a go.

What makes your home warm and fuzzy?  Please let us know because we may want to try it as well!



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