DoreenDove.comHow does she do it?

Ever wonder how some women just seem to get it? They just seem to always look put together? Do you think you are the only one with a Monday morning discard pile that faces you when you return home at midnight – only to get a second layer of discards Tuesday morning?

What was I thinking, that my pants would magically reappear from dry-cleaners? Who the hell jammed this zipper? Seriously how long has that button been gone? I know I came home with two shoes, or was it two socks?

Crap I just can’t keep up, what with everything else that is going on in my life – how am I supposed to look put together if I can’t even keep milk in the refrigerator?

And damn – now the changing of seasons? Did you have boots on today and the sassy gal from down the hall showed up in the elevator with new pumps and naked, buffed and bronzed legs? Feeling not only ‘not current’, but feeling out of season, perhaps styled from another decade?

How much time did you waste getting dressed this morning? Let’s talk about the strategy behind dressing with purpose. What is the magic potion that everyone else seems to be drinking?

Here you go, here’s the recipe and it’s pretty simple – plan, plan, plan ahead girlfriend! Didn’t Mom say if you fail to plan you plan to fail? Or was that Martha Stewart, can’t remember – probably just someone we weren’t listening to.

Let’s start with last night – did you plan your outfit for today or were you thinking you would just wing it. Shall we remind you of the elevator visual – Uggs vs. peep toes?

First line of defense:

Plan your outfit the night before!

Add a valet pole to your closet or a hook to your door where you can pull out the basic elements in advance – the pant/skirt/dress/jacket. Then add to it as the ideas start to formulate. By the time the bewitching sleepy hour rolls around you might even have your shoes, scarf and jewelry lined up. Wouldn’t that be a better start to the day tomorrow if all you had to worry about in the morning was what flavor Nespresso to pop in?

Second line of defense:

Take care of your inventory! As you get naked at the end of the day – assess your items – do they need to be dry cleaned, ironed, shoes polished, is the hosiery torn? Don’t put anything back into the closet that needs TLC in one form or another. The magic elves won’t be fixing those items overnight and no doubt that one stinky silk shirt is what you will reach for when the taxi is waiting outside.

Third tactic:

HairIAmSchedule your personal maintenance tweaks on your calendar – manicures, pedicures, waxings, haircuts, bra fittings and whatever other maintenance is required to keep you upright, up-to-date and uplifted! Don’t leave those things to the last minute – schedule them in blocks, get your name on their schedule every six weeks or however often you need those bushy brows waxed – just schedule it, once and done. Then all you have to do is show up!

Fourth strategy:

Pay attention to the weather – weather man, weather woman or weather app. Don’t just get up and assume. There is nothing worse than leaving the house ill prepared and ending up commuting in a torrential downpour when everyone else has their puddle duckers on except for you. Tune in and pay attention!

Fifth and most important requirement:

Doreen/AriannaHPlan to get good nights sleep. Don’t just leave it to chance – make it a priority! Arianna Huffington’s new book Thrive urges us to get in touch with who we really are, to be present in planning our own lives, starting with the importance of sleep. She sites a study at Duke University that found poor sleep is associated with higher stress levels and a greater risk of heart disease and diabetes. So plan your sleep all day long by paying attention to what you eat, what you drink, what you think about and what stimulation you let in. She encourages us to let the night be the night – dark and quiet.

So after you set out tomorrows outfit – drink a big glass of water, leave all the electronics downstairs in the off position, go upstairs and just sleep.

Just plan on it!

Need more help with your master plan? Listen to my web-talk radio interview on Time Management here. Want to see Doreen in action?

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