Everything changed when I hit my 60s. Not only my physical looks have changed, but also my enthusiasm to see the silver linings of my circumstances. After 62 years of fighting my life’s hurdles, I felt like I ran out of the willingness to live and extend whatever situation I was in. Being alone has left me with no reason to fight back. I knew what depression was and I do not consider myself as one of its victims. It was just that I did not know whom to live for. Until I ran out of money and realized that I had to do something to pay my bills. That was when making perfumes picked me up and restarted my life all over again.

I discovered perfumery by chance. I was browsing a social media platform when I came across an invitation to attend a training/seminar on how to make perfumes. The training was held on the second floor of a big building owned by a top perfume oil importer. We were greeted with a complex smell of various scents, the strongest seemed coming from fragrant alcohol, which I learned eventually was called perfume-grade alcohol, one of the major substances in making alcohol-based perfumes. The trainer was a tall woman clad in a light grey suit with a floral silk blouse underneath. She spoke eloquently with a radiance of cheerfulness and confidence. I just looked at her, more focused on how she carried herself and how she confidently spoke to us rather than on what she was telling us. And I envied her. How I wished I was like her.

After the lecture, we were given the chance to make our versions. We were repeatedly told that everything should be accurately measured and should follow the right percentage to come up with a homogenous mixture. We were introduced to the different fragrant oil scents and essential oils, each with a distinct scent. I chose aldehydes for my top notes, jasmine, ylang-ylang, and rose for my middle notes, and sandalwood and amber for my base notes. After blending all my raw ingredients, I was startled. The fragrance mixture that I created smelled familiar. It reminded me of my mother, the loving, strong-willed woman who would not let her frustrations get in the way of achieving her goals. She would always end her glam routine with a spritz of that complex scent. She would always spray the perfume in front of her and walk into it and back for more coverage. She would always start her day positively as if nothing negative that she could not handle. And if she were still alive, she would surely be sad about what her only daughter has become. That sad thought reminded me of why I was at the training/seminar in the first place.

The training continued and I became more focused on how to make perfumes as well as how to label and package them properly. After that, a slide was presented and it discussed the business opportunities that we could avail of and some success stories of moms who ventured into the perfume-making business. The trainer emphasized that anyone, regardless of gender and age, can be successful in this type of business as long as we put our minds and hearts into it. This again caught my interest and decided to give it a try. Like any other start-up, I had my birth pains. I was too shy to approach people to buy my perfumes. But when my bills started to pile up, I had no reason to slow down. I started selling them to my friends who were quite surprised to see me selling. I did not tell them that I made the perfumes by myself for fear of being rejected for low quality. But after a few sales, I got some positive feedback. They liked my eau de parfum perfumes and considered buying them again for their consumption and gifts to friends. That boosted my confidence and became more motivated to sell. I also became more positive about life and began looking forward to my future.

Making perfumes did not only take care of my bills but also made my life smell good. The thought of being able to create a fragrant scent that other people like uplifted my mood and boosted my morale. Its mood-enhancing effects have made me lower down my pride and consider reconciliation with my loved ones. After all, I was not really alone and abandoned, just a hard-headed wife and mom who was reluctant to give chances. I am sure my mom is happy now that her daughter was able to rebuild her life again.

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