Extra rolls on our waists are not irreversible.  This is what I learned last month.

After observing two dear friends’ transformations of their body shapes in just 8 weeks I remarked…. “You look so svelte and strong, what’s your secret?”  They explained it was a strategy and a system and it took a commitment. I was hoping they were going to tell me they just gave up cheese or bread but it was way more involved than that.

I was a little disappointed there was no diet they could email me so I too could lose the muffin top that I had rationalized as later-in-life flesh. But, then they started telling me about this very smart nutritionist they both were working with. I was intrigued enough to contact her.

The nutritionist is Rebecca Baer, a certified dietitian-nutritionist in the state of Florida and New York. Her “healthy eating made simple” strategy made perfect sense. No, it doesn’t involve hunger pains and games  and in fact it doesn’t even include insane exercise shifts. It involves understanding what you are eating and how it is affecting you. Each client for Ms. Baer is unique and  food needs and desires are incorporated into the eating plan she devises.

And so it began. I signed on.

I have spent the last 4 weeks under the guidance of Rebecca Baer and my body has indeed changed as well.

Not only have I lost the 5 pounds that I had battled with over these past 10 years, I feel fitter and have steadier energy throughout the day. (Caveat… I’ve been around way too long to gloat about 5 pounds as I can easily reclaim that old number in a few days. However, I feel way better informed about how to reverse incremental poundage).

So here’s what Rebecca did with me.

Just like a business strategist who is working to fix a problem. she gave me a very thorough intake analysis.  I kept a food diary for a week before I started, writing down everything I should eat and love to eat which is sometimes different. That set the tone for what needed to be changed.

Who knew I was eating too many avocados? I thought I was eating healthy food. Apparently it is, but too much of a good thing. Nuts were out for awhile as was peanut butter, my favorite quick energy fix. Cheese was out, but not all of it. Snacking was in, water intake was going to go way up and wine consumption would be replaced by whiskey as there was less sugar. Not bad. I would never feel hungry heading into dinner, I would have plenty of food to keep me from heading for the bread basket.

This all happened pretty fast. Rebecca had me buy a few items to get started and one included a device to calculate my body fat.  We did this together, remotely, on our first skype call, and she told me this would shift over time…and it has.

I must say I do live on Wasa Crackers with a protein for snack-time  because eating the same thing is easier for me to remember. I still start my day with a cappuccino and poached eggs, but only one yolk versus two. I am way more aware of drinking water as Rebecca’s most brilliant advice was to drink a full glass of water before and after each meal (including snacks) and that’s how I am able to drink 8 glasses minimum each day and keep track of it.

My skin looks better and I feel better. My pants are looser and I feel way more in control.

For all those reading this who aren’t able or interested in investing in a nutritionist, look at Rebecca’s web site and read her blog because it will help you reset your eating and embrace healthy wonderful food.

P.S. I’m not done with my 8 week program with Rebecca so I will report back in next month.

In the meantime, here’s some of her gorgeous healthy meal ideas which you can find on her website as well.

Green Smoothie bowl with cherries and mixed berries, bananas, coconut shavings and hemp hearts.

Seared ahi tuna with edamame and salad.

Spinach omelet with blistered tomatoes and baby spinach.

Greek yogurt with tropical fruit salad.

Sliced herb grilled Chicken breast with beet hummus, spiralized cucumbers, chickpeas, beets, rainbow carrots and snow peas.

Seared scallops over creamy cauliflower purée and wilted baby spinach

Oatmeal with banana, frozen berries and hemp hearts.

Click here to see more recipes: http://www.baernutrition.com

You can follow Rebecca Baer here:

Facebook: Rebecca BaerRegistered Dietitian/Nutritionist at Registered Dietitian · Camp Shane

Instagram: http://instagram.com/rebeccabaerrd/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RebeccaBaerRD

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