I can’t say that I don’t chuckle every time I hear someone exclaim, “You’re 53?” upon sharing my true age.  Most would swear that I am 35…or maybe they are just being nice.
No doubt, genes play a large part of my looking younger than my years.  But the rest was, no doubt, left to me to figure out.  Most of you already know that I didn’t live a stress-free life — widowed young and juggling five kids with a pretty intense career. What you don’t know is what I did to help combat that stress.  I figured that I’d share a few of those secrets now:

1.  I eat sugar everyday – That’s right.  It’s not all that I eat but I do eat it and refuse to feel guilty in doing so.  Sugar makes me happy and I put a high priority on my personal happiness.  I also refuse to go to war with my food.  So whether it be an ice cream, a cookie or a glass of wine, I embrace the sweet stuff and savor every last bit of it. That said, when it comes to eating in general, I think that “less is more.”  The less you eat, the more years you will live. 

2.  Vaseline and Baby Oil are my “go to” moisturizers– cheap, convenient and effective, I lather myself in baby oil after every shower, add it to my baths, and use it to take my eye makeup off each night. Vaseline has literally saved my feet from runner’s callouses and winter woes.  I also used it when pregnant to prevent stretch marks.  Worked like a charm.  I have none (speaks volumes especially when my oldest weighed in at 9lbs. 6+oz at birth and I have five kids in total). 

3.  I jog almost every morning – Yup, I run (on a treadmill) for forty minutes each morning at a pace comfortable for me.  I compliment this with a “light weight” workout three times a week.  I don’t run on Sundays and I don’t skip days I am scheduled to run, even if that means getting up extra early to do so prior to catching a plane or making a meeting.

4.  I cling to my faith – God lives in me and I’m cool with that.  

5.  I maintain a solid bedtime routine – I move from meditation to gratitude to journaling to watching a few moments of mindless television to going-to-sleep, usually around 10pm but definitely no later than 11pm, every night.  I also refuse phone calls after 9:30pm (unless it is an emergency or from one of my children) in order to remain in a settled state.

6.  I drink caffeine every morning – at least two cups.  The day will come when science declares coffee a cure-all, just you wait.

7.  I flip 99% of all negativity right-side-up – Call me Ms. Brightside but I refuse to mire in negativity and fight-the-dickens never to complain.  I either solve my issues or toss them onto the pile marked “It is either this or you could be dead!”  When all else fails, ‘deep breathing’ helps right me.

8.  I don’t worry about what I can’t control and I refuse to fear it or be angered by it too – I recognize that ”madness” exists and – fact or fiction – much of it I can do nothing about. I only concern myself with what I can help, change or impact realistically.

9.  I live my “bucket-list” everyday – whether it adds to the promise that I made to myself to “grow in wisdom daily” or my planning a grand trip, I am living my best life now.  I’ve seen too many people ‘wait’ to live only to end up sick, old, and disillusioned before they ever got to any of the good stuff.  

10. I believe in both Eastern and Western medicine and philosophy –  and I use both. I see my general practitioner for regular check-ups. I also see an acupuncturist monthly as well as a masseuse a few times a year.  I believe in the “power of touch” and the “connection between all” (and I mean ALL)!  

So there you have it, ten of my most prominent “health and beauty” secrets revealed.  Some may contradict what others have written elsewhere.  I can’t speak to that.  “I just know what works for me,”…a statement one too many individuals overlook, I believe, when figuring out their own needs in staying young, happy, strong, healthy, and thriving. 

Frankly, I don’t think we live in a “one-size-fits-all” culture and given the surprised reactions I receive when divulging my true age, I just may know a thing or two about it.  Fifty-three years of “hard living” and “pondering” will do that to a curious mind and woman.   
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