Are you always busy, busy, busy? Are you always in a rush, always involved in something? ¬†When was the last time you did NOTHING? ¬†As adults, most of us¬†tend to feel uncomfortable with “nothing to do.” ¬†Not even for an hour. Many¬†of us fill our time¬†gaps¬†with projects or work we don’t really love– simply to be busy.

But a recent¬†article in, ¬†reports that it might be better to be lazy– to say no to any project that doesn’t pull at your heartstrings. ¬†Michael Lewis, author of the bestsellers Moneyball, The Big Short, and many more, feels that being lazy might just be the key to success. ¬†They quote Lewis, “People waste years of their lives not being willing to waste hours of their lives. If you mistake busyness for importance–which we do a lot–you’re not able to see what really is important.”

According to the article, “Lewis is willing to waste time–a lot of it–if something seems like it could be really worthwhile. He’ll spend a year or more hanging around someone who interests him even before he knows for sure whether he’ll wind up with a book.

“Have there been potentially great projects in your own life that you didn’t get to explore because you didn’t have the time to waste? Maybe the next time something comes along that tugs at your heart, you should find a way to waste as much time as it takes to get the project off the ground or prove to yourself that it won’t work.”

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