This month marks my 7th year of working on  I started writing blogs in preparation of launching this site in June of 2011..  There is something quite magical about the number 7.

Some people get itchy with their relationships after 7 years (The Seven Year Itch). Many educators are given time off to explore or rest. My intention is to take some time off  to write and get my creative juices revved up and summer is the perfect season.

finding happinessStarting this week I’m headed on a Sabbatical aka work vacay and break from publishing and writing my weekly piece for BA50.  For a short while, I won’t be writing new content for and we won’t be sending you as many weekly updates.


But this doesn’t mean that won’t be vibrant during this time. I know it’s kind of nuts to take a break when the site is humming along vigorously, followers on all platforms are expanding and even advertisers are knocking at our door.

But alas…this will have to wait a bit.

Good news for BA50 Healthy Monday and Fashion Friday lovers, as these newsletters will still be going out each week.

Also, if you love our social media, you can still engage with us on instagram. Last summer we had a little over 1,000 followers and this week we just hit 16,000. It’s really fun to see we’ve grown and my team plans to continue growing our social media platforms. Facebook is vibrant as well as Pinterest and Twitter and you can follow us on each of these during the next few months and beyond.

I will be posting a video in the next few weeks to check in with you all, maybe a story or 2 on instagram.  Something silly and celebratory I hope.

Guest Bloggers are welcome to submit work and they will be reviewed on a less timely basis (just sayin). I will get back to you within 30 to 60 days and new work will not be published until after the summer. Thank you for your patience.

I hope you join me on my sabbatical this summer season from whatever you need to take a break from.   

Please feel free to write to me at and I will  get back to you when I’m done writing, biking, cooking, hanging out with my husband, and kids and doggy Jazz and dancing in the kitchen.

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