Can we admit those little lies we tell ourselves at midlife?  Yes, we can…and we must…because they are real, they make us laugh, and they continue to make us better after 50.  Hot off the press, the sequel to Ronna and Felice’s first book (We are Better After 50 Because…) will continue to make you laugh about why it’s better at midlife.

In After 50 Tell Ourselves…Ronna and Felice take a long look into their magnifying mirrors to illuminate the little things we all tell ourselves at midlife– from bathroom habits, to the way we dress, to our shifting bodies, friendships and sex lives…the stuff we don’t always talk about or admit to.

Working with brilliant illustrator Michelle Baron (she a millennial, but has an awesome BA50 mother) each page is crafted to reflect the realities that we face in our everyday lives.

Best book EVAH for a girlfriend, hostess gift, or for any woman 50 through 100 on her birthday!  Click here or on the book to buy!

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