Your hormones play a significant role in regulating processes in your body including your response to stimuli, metabolism, homeostasis, reproduction, growth, and development. Some hormones such as insulin and leptin cause fluctuations in your weight. If you have done everything to lose weight but are still not noticing any changes, your hormones might be the culprit. Hormones can make or break your weight. Read on to find out the hormones that help you lose weight.

1) Insulin

It might come as a surprise to see this hormone on this list because insulin is often associated with weight gain. It stimulates the storage of fats in the cells and prevents it from being broken down hence leading to an increase in weight. Regulating the insulin levels in your body can help you lose weight. The following practices can normalize the levels of insulin.

  • Eat more leafy green vegetables and fruits
  • Do not skip meals as this can affect your blood sugar levels
  • Take green tea.

2) Adiponectin

Research by the University of Pennsylvania has established that this hormone, also known as the ‘fat-burning hormone’, helps to reduce weight. It helps in reducing fats stored by improving your body’s sensitivity to insulin. It enhances your metabolic rate without affecting your appetite. It sounds too good to be true! Here are some ways you can increase the levels of adiponectin in your body;

  • Being active during the day
  • Taking more monosaturated fats such as olives and avocadoes and saturated fats such as butter
  • Include fiber-rich foods in your diet.

3) Cortisol

Also known as the stress hormone, cortisol is produced in the adrenal glands to help fight feelings of stress, anger, and anxiety. Have you ever noticed that whenever you are stressed for a period of time, you add a few pounds? When you have stress, your cortisol levels increase, and you will tend to overeat. Having excess cortisol leads to increased glucose production which is then stored as fat in your body. Although, cortisol strongly affects skin condition, causing the extreme hair growth. You can avoid producing too much cortisol by;

  • Taking a balanced diet
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Meditating to experience inner peace.

4) Leptin

This hormone is produced mainly by the adipose tissue, and its levels in the body regulate your weight. It is also known as the fullness hormone because it communicates with the part of your brain that controls appetite, and informs it when you have consumed enough food. In recent years, people have been taking leptin supplements to reduce weight. Increasing the levels of the leptin hormones will improve your sensitivity. Your brain is better able to detect when you are full and hence prevent overeating. Other than supplements you can increase your leptin sensitivity by;

  • Sufficient sleep,
  • Reducing the consumption of foods that cause inflammation such as fatty fish,
  • Moderate workouts.

5) Ghrelin

According to the VU University Medical Centre located in Amsterdam, ghrelin and leptin are the two hormones that you need to focus on if you aim to lose weight naturally. Do you ever wonder how your body knows when you need to eat? When you are hungry, your stomach releases ghrelin that then transmits a signal to your brain that you are empty. The levels of ghrelin in your body determine how hungry you are and how much you eat. Studies have shown that in obese people, the functioning of ghrelin is not as effective because after eating, the level only decreases slightly, hence making them overeat. To increase your ghrelin sensitivity and reduce levels produced, consider taking any of these actions;

  • Eat proteins
  • Don’t over-restrict calorie intake
  • Exercise.

Final words

People always assume that the reason they are putting on weight is because of the number of calories they are consuming or not engaging in regular exercise. However, this is not always the case, you might be having the wrong levels of hormones in your body instead. The above-discussed hormones control your weight. Adopt the recommended solutions to regulate their levels, and you shall notice a change in your body weight.

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