Ok ladies, there happens to be an acceptable fashion accessory this season that we all have in our closets.  Hint: it’s leather, you used to borrow it from your boyfriend, it covers your arms, it makes you feel Bad Ass. (totally BA50).

So run, don’t walk to the attic or to your kids’ closet and grab that leather jacket.  This spring/summer season you can wear it with sundresses, skirts and blouses, jeans for sure, and even with your cargo shorts and tee’s. Leather is amazing because it keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer – it qualifies as fashion that’s practical!  You can get super creative with leather, but try to keep the jackets short and don’t be afraid to step out and go for a color.  Leather jackets are like jeans – there’s no expiration date on age appropriateness.

So, let’s embrace the universal leather jacket and go shopping. Here’s a few I love but don’t own (yet)!

Vince.com is pricey and stylish – jackets are $995 –  this favorite is not an impulse item to be sure but an investment.

Zappos beige draped leather $64.99

Zappos.com beige draped leather $64.99

Vince.com Sandstone Leather Pure Luxury $995

Doesn’t this look like fun. Walk on the beach — throw on a scarf for a cool summer evening — wear with a white dress.  I think my niece may nab this one from my closet -(the thought makes me smile). This piece is $885, again no small investment at thisisveda.com.

But who woulda thunk that neimanmarcus.com had a “better deal” on blue leather at $320 on sale — ok you do the comp on these options. Which one would you get?

blue leather jacket

Beach Walker Chic by thisisveda.com, $885

Neiman Marcus Blue Leather On Sale for $320

Blue Leather On Sale at neimanmarcus.com for $320

BA50’s, have you seen these Leather Perforated Cardigans?  – They dress up any outfit – breathable and chic/cool. Here’s a great one from neimanmarcus.com yet again.

Perforated Leather Cardigan $395

Perforated Leather Cardigan from neimanmarcus.com $395

River Island Pale Pink Leather from riverisland.com $171.49

We’re  a pushover for petal pink leather. This jacket is “the bomb.” All summer long, fresh and upbeat with white tees. How can you beat the price. I’m ordering 2 now from riverisland.com. One for me and one for my girlfriend.

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