Victoria Secret White Blouse

Memorial Day Weekend the closet ritual involves moving the summer clothes down from the attic…But not all of them.

I’m now a tad wiser, thanks to Marie Kondo. She has introduced us all to a key test question to determine if the piece makes the cut and can claim real estate in our closets.

Here’s the big question I’m asking myself before it qualifies for a hanger…. Does this make me feel hip, sexy and….cozy? If not it gets tossed. (Caveat: does this conjure up so much sentimental stuff…that it gives me joy…well then it stays). This is how I create a nice give away pile and clear my closet hoping it will bring someone else joy. (donation).

Kondo says to focus not on what to chuck, but on what to keep.

Most of us focus on what we’re going to throw away. Kondo’s approach is the opposite: she says we should concentrate instead on what we’re going to keep. The reason is simple: we are sentimental about our clothing.

Sentimental Keepers: There are a few items that don’t make me feel hip and sexy but are sentimental that I still want to hang on to. Nana’s beaded cashmere button down from Paris, black rhinestone buttons with cashmere trim with a few vintage moth holes. In my heart I know it will make my kid’s Boho friend very happy but, I can’t toss it and I can’t wear it. I’m keeping it. It gives me joy.

White Blouses Without Stains: I love a fresh looking white blouse, I wear them over my camisoles and with my jeans. If they don’t have stains they make me feel hip and sexy and put together so I’m keeping them all.

Long Wrap Sweaters: Grabbing the right sweater for a cool evening is key. I need to keep all of them unless they have stray fur balls attached. I love my drapey sweaters and I have a few colors. They make me feel feminine and cozy. They get a spot in the closet.

Navy and White Striped Sweaters: I can’t get enough of these and last year’s looks good enough for summer 2017. J Crew have some of my favorite so I’m not against adding this one to my repertoire.

off-the shoulder stirped sweater


Rag and Bone Favorite

Navy and White Striped Shirts: I love sailor clothes and always have.  A great looking blue and white horizontal stripe feels Parisian…and that feels hip and sexy. The other night at a girls gathering 5 out of 8 of us were wearing some version of a blue and white stripe everyone looked hip and fresh.  Check out Rag and Bone if you don’t have any.

Wide Leather Belts: I have 3 thick leather belts and I love wearing them with my jeans. They make me feel great because I can still close them.  I’ve had them for years and frankly I can’t tell if they look worn out…maybe I’ll ask someone because I’m too attached to them to know. But for now I’m convinced distressed leather is a good look.

That’s enough to get started but hey, it’s only Memorial Day…I’ve got time to add to this list.







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