Because women are turning 50 every day, and because one can never have too many suggestions about what to buy someone who is having a 50th birthday (and beyond), BA50‘s editors have scoured the Internet, specialty stores…and our crowded little minds to find some more great gift ideas.

Additions to our previous lists will become a regular segment, so you will never be left in the dark when it comes to finding the perfect gift for the next lucky woman to Join the Movement and enter the BA50 club!

1. Us women are always thinking ahead: planning vacations, back-to-school shopping trips, making holiday preparations– and we found the perfect tote- great for summer, of course, but really for any time of year! What could be better for the 50-year-old birthday girl than a terrific canvas tote that is both adorable and functional…and just says it all? (And it’s calorie-free!) You might include a G.C. to a local bakery, or better yet, bring the actual cake with you when you give her the tote. Cupcakes Tote $14.952. A perfect way to inspire your friend! This silver bracelet is beautiful in its simplicity, and complex in its message. Inscribed outside is a quote that says “do what you love”… a reminder to always follow your heart. The heart shaped silhouette makes it even more special. Heart Cuff Bracelet $49.003.The price tag may be a little steep for a toaster, but what a toaster! This 4-slice smart toaster is top of the line for the BA50 who loves kitchen gadgets. It’s garnered terrific reviews all around the web as it has a one-touch auto lowering function as well as a lift-and-look function. Smart Toaster $174.954. And while we’re talking splurges, how about another pretty something to put in her garage? This automatic moped is perfect for jaunting around town. Any ecological-minded BA50 will be happy to know that it’s easy on the gas, and in Potent Pink, it’s easy on the eyes as well. Jetson Electric Scooter $1,799.005. If your BA50 is planning on celebrating her big day in a far-off place, you know she wouldn’t want to be caught using luggage that doesn’t make an up-to-date statement.This set of Nicole Miller luggage has a lovely and classic plaid print that will get her noticed in any airport on the planet. Expandable Luggage Set $249.85Have you given or received any spectacular gifts that you think other BA50s would love? We’d like to know, so send in your suggestions, and they might just appear in future Gift Guides.

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