Thanksgiving has always been a beloved treasure of friends and family gathering, but for me it is just too much of everything at once.

Seriously, eating, turkey, squash and cranberry sauce is delicious, but adding oysters, Brussels sprouts, apple pie, pecan pie, pumpkin pie and whipped cream is just too much!

Maybe some of you can control yourself when it one big spread before my very small plate, but I have a hard time with decisions so I take some of everything and fill more than stuffed every year!

I often save my pie for the following morning for breakfast when I can really enjoy it!

But if you want to get right back onto living and eating well, lets do it with roasted left over brussels sprouts and poached eggs. I often turn whatever greens we have had the night before into a little “hash”, heat it up in a pan, drop and egg on top and cover for 5-8 minutes


Consider turning those vegetables into

Left Over SOUP

The squash will make an excellent soup.

2 medium size onion chopped

1 apple skin on cored and chopped

4 cups left over squash or sweet potatoes

4 cups stock or (3½cups water and ½ cup gravy)

In a 6 qt pot, sauté one chopped onion and an organic apple (skin on is fine) in a little coconut oil or olive oil and sauté until soft about 7 minutes. Add squash and stock and mix well with a spoon. Allow to cook for 4 more minute. Place soup mixture in blender and puree and you may add more liquid to desired consistency.

If you have a lot of mashed potatoes, this same procedures will work by replacing the onions and apples with leeks and the squash with the mashed potatoes. Any fresh herbs would be a wonderful additional either as a little “pesto “ on top or incorporated into the soup.

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Jan is a chef and owner of Kitchen Porch Catering on Martha’s Vineyard, a catering company dedicated to local and sustainable foods. In the off-season, Jan teaches classes on healthy living, cooking and online cleanses with John Bagnulo. Join them in Costa Rica this February and March

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