Every year we get a set of new health trends to follow. While these are sometimes nothing more than a fad that we forget to follow in two weeks, occasionally there are some gems that lead to a better and healthier life. To save you the trouble of trying weird things out in 2017, we’ve listed the healthy living trends for the year that are worth exploring.

Athleisure enters the workplace

Work clothes are not always the most comfortable, right? Once you’ve spent the weekend in your pajamas, the thought of wearing a suit just doesn’t seem all that appealing. The good news is that workplace clothing is about to change this year with the introduction of athleisure. The fashionable fitness clothes are going business-like and you can find office-worthy suits and dresses that could also be worn at the gym.

Cleaner beauty products

Most people put a lot of effort in reading food labels to find the healthiest products to use. The focus on clean and lean products is moving from the food aisle to the makeup aisle, as women are becoming more conscious about the stuff that goes into their makeup. Not only are animal cruelty-free products high on the shopping agenda, women are also looking for makeup that doesn’t have hundreds of different chemicals. Natural and organic brands are booming.

Plant-based proteins to reduce meat eating

Meatless Mondays and vegan weeks are going to become more mainstream in 2017. The problems of mass consumption and production of meat are becoming more evident and even meat-lovers are looking to find healthy alternatives (if only for a few days of the week).

Plant-based proteins are likely to explode as a healthy trend. Pea and hemp powders can be bought online for the fraction of the cost to meat and they make a great addition to smoothies and salads. There’s also plenty of innovation in the sector, such as the pulled oat products from Finland.

Inflammation-fighting foods

Inflammation is linked with plenty of modern ailments and researchers are constantly looking for ways to control it. Study after study the answer seems to point us towards foods – there are great inflammation-fighting foods out there that are becoming a trend.


Already we’ve seen an increase in swapping inflammation-linked foods, such as gluten, grains and dairy, to non-inflammation causing products. These include things like zucchini noodles instead of pasta, cauliflower rice instead of white rice, and different nut milks to replace dairy. Another big hit in 2017 will be the use of turmeric. The delicious spice has been extensively researched as a powerful way to reduce inflammation. So stock up on these goods and have a pain-free new year.

Going coconut

The past two years have witnessed the rise of healthy foods such as coconut oil and coconut water. But it seems we’ve not had enough of coconut just yet and we are adding more of it to our dinner table. The newest coconut product is coconut flour, which is a great substitute for white flour. The flour is high in protein and fiber, so it makes a perfect substitute and the sweet taste of coconut also makes it perfect for skipping other forms of sugar in cooking. You should be able to find coconut flour on most supermarkets and online.

Meal boxes for simpler cooking

While most of us are trying to eat healthier, sorting out homemade meals during a busy workweek just isn’t always feasible. Luckily, 2017 might be on its way to change that. Subscription-based meal kit services, such as Hello Fresh, are not totally new, but they are becoming increasingly popular and the service is improving. Furthermore, you don’t just need to opt in subscriptions anymore, as retailers are starting to provide meal kits in the store. These kits are definitely a great way to save time and money, ensuring you can be healthier at home, even when you don’t have the time to cook a meal from scratch.

Wellness travel for the finalising touch

Wellness is not just something you need to think about at home, but it should be on your mind when you travel as well. Wellness travel is becoming increasingly popular, as people don’t want to wreak havoc on their fitness programs and diets when they go on a holiday. Different wellness retreats offer a little something for everyone from guided sports sessions to healthier food choices. You can find these amazing holiday deals at VoucherBin. Smart shopping with vouchers can save you a bundle and you can invest more on other things.

So, if you are looking to live a healthier life in 2017, the above trends will help you get started.

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