If you are interested in healthy eating and love chocolate too…this article from the New York Times is for you.

“It was after the birth of her second child that the personal chef Karolina Palmer got into eating clean. “I was growing more interested in adaptogenic herbs and superfoods to support myself in that crazy postpartum period,” she says.

Then, Palmer got invited to a potluck dinner. What could she possibly make from a pantry filled with things like ashwagandha and He Shou Wu? Inspiration struck when she spotted a bag of raw cocoa, and decided to whip up chocolate truffles infused with herbal mushrooms, rice bran solubles, maca, goji berries and pumpkin seeds.”

It was such a hit, in fact, that a year later, in 2016, Palmer launched an entire line of indie chocolates from that same recipe. Called Freaky Health Chocolates, the 1.8-ounce bars ($8) contain her go-to adaptogens (herbs used for centuries in Eastern medicine to revitalize the body) and other healing botanicals meant to do everything from increase immunity to brighten the skin

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