Use These Tips and Make This New Year’s Eve Party the Most Entertaining Ever

Within a few weeks 2018 will be knocking on your door and you will start preparing for bidding adieu 2017. Barely after the celebration of Christmas, there will be a new excitement and new energy, and this new wave of New Year celebration will engulf the whole world.

The thrill, enthusiasm and fever of welcoming the New Year will be so intense that we will witness streets full of party goers in major cities across the world. The fireworks in the backdrop of famous landmarks will surely be eye-catching. This celebratory mood will certainly not to be missed. Is it?

So, how are you planning to celebrate this New Year Eve? What’s in your mind to make it more entertaining and fun?

If you haven’t planned anything so far and seeking some advice regarding the same, here are some tips that may turn out extremely helpful for you:

  1. Find a perfect Location

Location is very important for your party because the ambience and atmosphere add a great value to the celebration. The venue needs to be chosen by keeping in mind that all of your guests can reach there in time so that they could maximize their enjoyment. It would be best for you if you hunt for the venue as early as possible because most of the popular locations would have been already booked should you begin late. Moreover, the party area should be enough spacious so that everyone present there can engage in various activities. It would be better to choose a place in your city where you can have the best view of the fireworks.

  1. Plan the party for everyone

First of all get all of your friends on board and ask them to contribute toward making the party a successful and memorable one since it is not a private personal celebration. When you get all hands on the deck then it would be easy for you to take care of all the last minute details. Now whoever is going to be the guests, keep each individual in your mind and plan the party accordingly. You need to consider all the ages, tastes and preferences of your guests at the start of the planning. Be ready to welcome the kids as well and make sure they have things that they can enjoy. Also, New Year is such an occasion where you have to expect unexpected guests, so you have enough resources for a few more guests.

  1. Choose special foods and drinks

Your party will be incomplete without wine and dine. The feast that you will organize will bring everyone together to enjoy the delicacies. These are the rare moments when you celebrate so that you will remember for a long time to come. What a better way to start the toast with your friends by having Happy New Year custom wine labels wrapped on your favorite brands. As far as food is concerned, a lot will depend how many people are going to attend the party. You may choose to hire a caterer to offer food and drinks for your guests or ask them to bring something to share such as snacks. Nevertheless, try to include the things that you think everyone will enjoy. Some dishes that will be apt on this occasion are: French dip roll-ups, Prosecco Grapesicles, Drunken Shrimp Cocktail, Confetti Cookie Dough Ball, Spanish ham with olives and oranges, cold crab dip, smoked lamb with fresh dill and paprika, and so on.

  1. Take your whole family to the event

Your family and kids are equally excited on this occasion, so allow them to come out of the house and join the party with your friends and their family as well. This is one such event when we can say the more is merrier. Kids like fun and parties of this sort, especially like New Year Eve when there are fireworks, noise and excitement everywhere. Make sure they are safe, comfortable and enjoying with their peers.

  1. Organize fun and games activities

In addition to the celebrations of the day, including fun and games in the party will help everyone gel together and enjoy better. Moreover, fun and entertainment is at the heart of a party. So, give a chance to everyone to entertain others and make them laugh. There are many creative and engaging party games and activities for this occasion. This will be great opportunity for adults as well as kids to enjoy together and talk about it all year long. Following are a few interesting games that you can incorporate in your party:

  • Guess the name: In this game you have to ask all your guests to write down a name on a piece of paper and put them all in a bowl. These names may include celebrities, famous characters, and historical figures. Now divide your guests into teams and ask them to guess the names by throwing clues at each other.
  • Guess the resolution: Make all of your guests write down their New Year resolutions on a piece of paper and put them all in a bowl. Now read them out loud and ask other to guess who they think wrote this resolution.
  • Treasure hunt: Ask all the kids to participate in the indoor treasure hunt; they will enjoy a lot following the clues to get their treasure.
  • Mystery stocking: Ask your guests including kids to sit in a circle and fill a stocking with some unknown items. Now pass this mystery stocking around the circle where everyone has to guess what’s inside.
  1. Set up a photo booth

Create a photo booth at a particular area of the venue by putting various themed wall papers or decorative craft papers with bright colors. You can also put your own paintings or artwork on this backdrop, write resolutions or make your own quotes. Now invite your guests to take photographs at this place. You can arrange some props like moustaches, masks, costumes, etc. so that your guests would sport them for photographs. At the end, make a collage of these photographs and share them with your guests. Everyone will just love it.

  1. Get ready for the countdown

Now the time has come when you are enthusiastically looking at the clock and preparing for the midnight celebrations. Even if you are engaged in activities, take a break and get ready for the countdown. This is the time when the noise out there is maximum and everyone is out to embrace the New Year. The moment the clock hits 12, bring everyone together and end your New Year Eve party on a high note.

  1. Dance your heart out

This is what everyone does after 12. Amidst the celebration and fireworks everywhere, music and dance begins recklessly, so be part of this carnival called New Year. For this you should have created a playlist that include favorite tracks for adults as well as kids. Roll up your sleeves and start making moves on the dance floor.

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