Natural Hair - No ShampooI don’t shampoo my hair. In fact, I haven’t shampooed my hair in almost two years. Wait, don’t judge, and don’t be grossed out…my hair is really very clean. You see, I do wash it regularly – just without shampoo.

I used to have my favorite shampoos lined up like soldiers in my shower.  Periodically, I got sucked in by a commercial to try another brand. What I had was lots of pretty colored bottles containing chemicals with various scents. No more.

What made me decide to stop shampooing my hair?  I didn’t–it was decided for me.

Two years ago this July, I was referred to a doctor to get patch tested for allergies. Now some people get one or two patches. Not me. My entire back was covered with patches.

The result…I was diagnosed with an allergy to a chemical that is found in most personal care products. It changed my life entirely.  I had to change my toothpaste, moisturizer, cleanser, makeup and, yes, shampoo. Unfortunately, due to other allergies (it’s not easy being me), the list of shampoos I could use was limited. I didn’t like any of them.

I’d heard about people not shampooing their hair and decided to investigate. After multiple online searches I decided to give it a try. Let me point out that when we “wash our hair” we’re really washing our scalp – or at least you should be. Without all the suds I think my scalp gets a better scrubbing.

The first two weeks were the hardest, and I spent a lot of time double checking my research. Fortunately, with so much information on the Internet I somewhat knew what to expect. It takes about two weeks for the natural oils to balance out. Ok, I decided I could handle two weeks. I brushed my hair each morning before showering to even the oils throughout, then scrubbed with water – as if I were shampooing. It looked fine, but after about 10 days I felt the need to reach for something. Back to the computer and more research and I found the solution – one tablespoon of baking soda. It worked!

Now I wash my hair regularly with water, giving my scalp a good scrubbing. Two to three times per month I wash it with baking soda. There are other recipes including some that add vinegar and/or lemon, but I’ve decided to stick to the simplest. I do sometimes use a basic conditioner (Free & Clear), though I don’t need it too often, as one’s natural oils are the best conditioner possible.

My hair has never been healthier. Even my hair dresser is shocked by the change, and he would know. He’s been taking care of my hair for over 16 years, as I’ve gone from perms to natural, red to highlights, short to long, and now fragile to strong.

Healthier hair, plenty of room on my shower caddy and a few extra dollars in the bank – it’s all positive.

For an added bonus my skin feels better. Evidently the shampoo cascading down my body wasn’t doing my skin any favors either. I realize that this can be attributed to removing the allergen, but I’m sure that removing the chemicals has helped too.

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