I’ve been carrying my beach bag around for the last 4 months and it’s time to bury it in the sand.

But, I’ve got sticker shock PTSD.   Have you looked at the price of handbags lately? Tres Expensive!

My friend showed up with an Alaia bag at the tennis court the other day and none of us had ever seen one.

“Wow, that is coolest bag, where did you get it?”  It turns out the bag was over $4,000. WHAT?!

I went home and thought – this is insane. Do people really spend that much money on handbags? I started researching these bags. I ended up on a site that offered it for a “deal.” It doesn’t seem possible that $1,000 is a deal but alas – given the starting price – this was a big discount.

I told my husband I would love this bag as a combined gift for my anniversary, birthday and Chanukah. He was thrilled to give me a combo celebratory gift with a guarantee that he would have a happy wife. He clicked on the link I gave him and voila – the bag was delivered to me.

When I opened the box, it wasn’t the same bag at all – it was another Alaia and there was a slip of paper inside that said “barely worn.”

WHAAAAT! I started laughing – this was a riot — $1,000 for a bag from a consignment shop! There was nothing on the link that said it would be slightly used. But once I started examining it, frankly there was nothing wrong with it except it was the wrong bag. So of course I returned it. However, I loved the whole concept of an on-line designer consignment shop and have been noodling around on it ever since.

The shop is called TheRealReal. Apparently, I’m in a minority as most of my friends have heard of it and have even sent some of their stuff there to sell.

Here’s the bag- its the Alaia Laser Leather Cut Tote


However, the reality is, I’m way to practical to buy expensive handbags. So — here’s a few bags that are really practical and I think they look great.

I haven’t made much progress on the handbag shopping front, but I think last year’s MZ Wallace that I bought on sale will work just fine – I can fit my computer in it and it never looks ratty and is fantastic to travel with. It’s called their Chelsea Weekender.


MZ Wallace also has a fantastic quilted backpack which looks like it would travel really well. I don’t own it and don’t need it — but I think it’s good looking, light and practical.

quilted backpack

Here’s my favorite find for the fall. I love it so much I bought one for me and one for my son’s girlfriend’s birthday. She loves it — very soft leather but not flimsy. It’s Mat and Nat’s Mumbai Backpack.


And, as always, it doesn’t hurt to check out what’s at Nordstrom!  They have a great bag (and shoe) collection!  Shop the Best of Burberry Fall 2016 for Men, Women & Kids at Nordstrom. FREE Shipping. FREE Returns.

Burberry Handbag: One of the most popular handbags for fall at Nordstrom.

Burberry Handbag: One of the most popular handbags for fall at Nordstrom.


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